19-07-2016 National Executive Committee, New Delhi
Resolutions adopted in National Executive Committee resolutions
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19-07-2016 DA merger and pension re fixation
Orders on 78.2% DA for DA merger and re pension fixation those who retired prior to 10-6-2013

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19-07-2016 IDA

IDA orders wef 1-7-2016
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19-07-2016 Bifurcation issues AP Circles

Some difficulties raised by the AP circle Secretary in NEC meeting focused to the Director (HR) in open house meeting of NEC on 13-7-2016 at New Delhi through GS, NFTE, CHQ
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02-07-2016 DA increment

DA released 01-07-2016 is 2.4%
Total IDA from 01-07-2016 --- 114.8%

02-07-2016 Telangana telecom circle

Telangana telecom circle formed on 30-06-2016. AP and Telangana circles will be divided by 31-07-2016.
Options will be called from the Circle office,Hyderabad from circle office staff only. Rearrangements will be completed by 31-07-2016. AP circle office at Vijayawada will start working from 01-08-2016. A committee was formed to decide the procedures/ formalities
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SSA's Division
CGM Postings

28-06-2016 Postponement of Circle executive committee meeting

Postponement of Circle executive committee meeting scheduled on 6th and 7th of July' 2016. All are those who booked tickets are requested to cancel immediately
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24-06-2016 Membership Drive

All SSA Secretaries may take note that membership has been started from June '2016 to July'2016. to gear up increase the membership by safeguarding the existing membership.- Chandrsekhara Rao, CS,AP

24-06-2016 Central Govt employees on strike

Central Govt employees on strike on 11th July' 2016 on 7th Pay commission issue - NFTE - BSNL will support
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24-06-2016 No service tax

No service tax on renting out on quarters to the BSNL, retired,DOT/PSU employees
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20-06-2016 3rd pay revision

DPE constituted 3rd pay revision committee with five members for executives
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20-06-2016 Annual Report of DOT

Annual Report of DOT for the year 2015-16 BSNL portion
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20-06-2016 Circle Executive Committee meeting

Circle Executive Committee meeting will be held on 6th and 7th July'2016

Venue : RARS (Regional Agricultural Research station) Bhavan,Gundala Lakshmi Devipeta, Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam District.

All District Secretaries and Circle working Committee Members are requested to make it their train/reservation arrangements for comfortable Journey.

Note :- In view of the limited accommodation at Anakapalli Town Entry is restricted to the District Secretaries and Circle Working committee members only. All are requested to co operate with the circle union.

Contact Nos.

Com. K. Kondala Rao, DS,VM - 9441001555

Receiption committee

1. Com. Y.Trinadaha Rao, President - 9441138699
2. Com. P.Ramesh, Secretary - 9441943222
3. Com. B.Subrahmanyam, ABS - 9491306670

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19-06-2016 Union office accommodation

Corporate office extend the facility of office accommodation to the recognised unions in view of 7th verification
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19-06-2016 Com. R.Pattabhi Raman Circle Secretary retirement

Com. R.Pattabhi Raman Circle Secretary, Tamilandu Circle retired from service on superannuation retirement on 30-06-2016. He is great and veteran leader from NFTE. He is man of principle, he is dedicated and devoted to NFTE.He well versed with all rulings and guide lines DOT as well as BSNL. He is National council member. He is having good expertisation in presenting the cases and arguments. He is asset to the NFTE union.

All Comrades of our NFTE seeing Com.Jagan in the shape Com. Pattabhi. Our circle union is having very good rapport with com. Pattabhi. He attended some union seminars in AP. On the next day of his retirement he made over the charge of Circle Secretary to his ACS as officiating Circle Secretary.

The AP Circle union wishes him with happy healthy retired life. we express our strong desire that he will continue his trade union service as National Leader. His services are needed at CHQ, ND

19-06-2016 TTA (JE) revised training programme

TTA (JE) revised training programme total 10 weeks (6 +4) induction training plus field training
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09-06-2016 Circle executive committee meeting

Circle union decided to conduct circle executive committee meeting in the last week of June/first week of July' 2016. In this connection the SSA unions are requested to go through the following points :
1. The SSAs who wants to conduct the circle executive committee meeting in their SSA with their own funds will be given first priority.
2. The SSAs who wants to conduct the circle executive committee meeting in their SSA with the financial share of circle union will be given second priority.
Hence all the SSA unions are requested to think over the above two points and intimate to the circle union well before 13-6-2016 to enable the circle union to take further course of action.
- Ch.Chadrasekhara Rao, Circle Secretary

09-06-2016 compassionate appointments

Accident case in respect of compassionate appointments may arrange to send to the circle office immediately well before 13-6-2016
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09-06-2015 JAO examination

JAO examination under 10% Quota on line registration opening from 10/7/2016 to 31/7/2016. Date of examination 28/8/2016s
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09-06-2016 Non recovery of excess payment

Non recovery of excess payment in respect of officiating JTOs
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09-06-2016 GPF new interest rate is 8.1%

New GPF Interest rate
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09-06-2016 SSA conferences

As per the directions of CHQ,ND dated 6-6-2016 All the District Secretaries are requested to complete their bi annual conferences( which are due) by 31-7-2016 by contacting circle union as CHQ union is taking serious note on this.

06-06-2016 Clarification on BSNL Transfer Policy

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27-05-2016 National Forum of BSNL workers formed.

National Forum of BSNL workers formed. All alliance partners were met in NFTE union office, ND on 27-05-2016 under the presidentship of Com. Islam, Com. C. Singh, GS, NFTE, Com. V. Subbiraman, GS-TEPU & Com. P.N. Perumallu National President, SEWA elected as convener, Chairman & JT. Convener respectively. It is unanimously decided to work collectively for the sake of working class. It is also decided to meet time to time on decide the programmes basing on the occasion demands. Com. Ch. Chanderasheker Rao, CS NFTE AP also participated in Forum meeting.

27-05-2016 CGM AP circle received Trophy

CGM AP circle received Trophy for the best performance in 2015 and 16 from Hon'ble Minister Communication and CMD BSNL at HOCC meeting New Delhi on 24-015-2016. NFTE AP circle whole heartly congratulated the CGM for achieving Goal AND brought up the AP as No.-1 circle with desirable growth rate

26-05-2016 LCM Nominations

All LCM and RCM nominations will be made only after receipt of concrete directions from the CHQ, New Delhli. SSA Secretaries are requested not to send LCM nominations to the circle union till the communication from the Circle union. How ever detail communication regarding nominations, holding of circle working committee etc will be sent to the SSA in due course. Mean while SSA are advised to have detail discussions in respective SSA DWCs, activists etc meetings on 7th membership verification

26-05-2016 Executive membership verification Notice

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26-05-2016 CMD view point on VRS
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26-05-2016 New busies areas in kerala circle declared by the Corporate office
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26-05-2016 JTO DR facilities will be applicable to the TTAs who selected in the DR quota of JTO

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26-05-2016 Dr-JTO Pay fixation

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19-05-2016 Union Recognition

Corporate office, New Delhi accorded recognition to our union as second recognised union on 19/5/2016 for a period of 3 years wef 19/5/2016 to 18/5/2109 in three levels i.e All India , Circle, SSA
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Council seats were allotted to the both recognized unions in the ratio o 9 :5 all SSA secretaries may act accordingly Click Here

19-05-2016 Sanchar padak awards

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19-05-2016 New GM (HR) to AP Circle

Sri M.K.Varma, CE Civil at present posted and joined as GM HR in circle office office on 16-5-2016 Click Here

19-05-2016 Revision of weightage points in respect of compassionate appointments

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19-05-2016 GPF Withdrawals.advances from DOT Cells

Staff are facing difficulties in getting advances/withdrawals from GPF, So, our circle union taken up the issue with the CHQ, ND to early payment whether from DOT/BSNL Click Here

19-05-2016 Votes comparison 6th and 7th verification circle wise

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19-05-2016 Comparison of votes 6th -7th verification

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19-05-2016 34 National council meeting minutes

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13-05-2016 7th Verification results

7th verification results announced by C.R.O, C.O.ND on 13-5-2016 NFTE-BSNL is second largest union BSNLEU is first largest union . The NFTE, AP Circle union congratulates all the comrades who worked hard to the tune of victory of the union. We have succeeded in retaining our recognition status. Click Here

7th Member ship verification Results of AP Circle

7th Member ship verification Results of AP Circle
S.No SSA Total Voters Modified Voters List Polled Votes BSNLEU NFTE
1 ADB Adilabad 324 322 316 185 124
2 ATP Ananthapuramu 670 669 646 418 211
3 TRP Chittor 756 755 747 408 239
4 C.O HD Circle Office 437 446 413 180 102
5 EG DT East Godavari 1240 1240 1205 726 433
6 GTR Guntur 1041 1039 1015 560 370
7 HTD HTD 4614 4622 4049 1874 1090
8 KDP Kadapa 367 373 372 252 109
9 KAA Karimnagar 539 538 533 227 293
10 KHM Khammam 441 437 427 311 90
11 VJ Krishna 1452 1440 1420 874 480
12 KNL Kurnool 715 715 698 364 320
13 MBN Mahaboobnagar 506 505 498 152 243
14 NL Nellore 586 586 576 294 262
15 SGD Medak 431 430 420 239 136
16 SKLM Srikakulum 370 368 367 174 180
17 NLG Nalgonda 496 491 472 298 145
18 NZB Nizamabad 477 476 462 329 121
19 ONG Ongole 600 602 594 288 228
20 VM Visakhapatnam 1113 1114 1090 491 515
21 VZM Vizianagaram 368 368 358 217 116
22 WGL Warangal 545 539 534 479 41
23 WG West Godavari 958 943 919 311 506
Total 19046 19018 18131 9651 6326

09-May-2016 Telespark April 2016 Edition

TELESPARK - April,2016, Election magazine, circulate immediaely
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07-May-2016 Kurnool Election campaign

Election meeting at Kurnool on 5-5-2016

07-May-2016 Hyderabad Election campaign

Election campaign HTD at BSNL Bhavan, Malakpet, and sarooor nagar CS, NFTE, and HTD Leaders and circle office bearers of HD Telecom District on 5-5-2016

05-May-2016 BSNL Tops in its Growth rate in February 2016 -TRAI

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05-May-2016 ATM Policy in our office premises

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05-May-2016 7th membership Poster/banner/flex issues

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05-May-2016 LICE JTO ,2016 3% quta PH candidates

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05-May-2016 Election campaign at Khammam
Election campaign at Khammam by Com. Chandrasekhara Rao CS,NFTE,AP , Com.B.Hanumantha Rao Dy, Genl .Secrety, SEWA, AP circle and other leaders of Khammam SSA NFTE SEWA actively participated
Paper Clipping

03-May-2016 SC/ST Reservations
1 OTBP- OC వారికి 16 సంవత్సరములు ఉండగా SC/ST వారికి 12 సంవత్సరములకే NFTE ఇచ్చినది.
2 BCR- 26 సంవత్సరములు ఉండగా SC/ST వారికి 17 సంవత్సరములకు ఇప్పించాము.
Roaster points తక్కువ ఉన్నట్లైతే అందరికంటే తక్కువ సర్విస్ ఉన్న SEWA అభ్యర్ధులకు ఇప్పించిన ఘనత NFTE కి ఉన్నది.
3 Restructuring cadres అయిన TM , Sr.TOA మరియు TTA cadres లో రిసర్వేషన్ ఇప్పించాము.
4 DOT-BSNL లో reservations ఇవ్వదని సుప్రీం కోర్ట్ ఎప్పుడు చెప్పలేదు.
5 కార్మికులను తప్పు ద్రోవ పట్టించే ఫ్లెక్సిలు వేయడం అసత్య ప్రచారాలు చేయడం కొన్ని యూనియన్లకు అలవాటుగా మారింది. మొత్తం reservations 51% కు దాటరాదని మాత్రమే సుప్రీం కోర్ట్ చెప్పినది.
6.NFTE 51% గెలిచిన చో Reservations తో పాటు compassionate(కారుణ్య ) ఉద్యోగం తో కూడ reservations అమలు చేయు౦చుమని వాగ్ధానం చేయుచున్నము .

03-May-2016 SEWA & NFTE Agreement
Agreement of NFTE-SEWA at CHQ level . It has come come our notice that some sewa comrades from some SSAs are asking agreement. All NFTE Secretaries are requested to down load this agreement and show to all when ever occasion demands
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03-May-2016 SEWA Circular
Sewa circular issued by Br. B..Hanumantha Rao, Dy. Genl. Secretary, Sewa,, AP Circular. All SSA Secretaries of NFTE are requested to down load this circular and distribute all members pof Your SSA
Page 1
Page 2

03-May-2016 Clarification on voter list preparation
Some clarifications issued by the corporate office , who are in the list as on 31-3-2016 is final no modifications
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01-May-2016 మే డే శుభకాoక్షలు
May day brought marvelous achievements to workers like
The 8 hours Work a day
End of child labour
Weekends Off work
Workers Comp
Health and safety standards
Collective bargaining
So Every person who enjoys the rights achieved from the labour movement must remember and salute for labour workers

30-April-2016 Gate meeting at CGMT Office
Gate meeting at CGMT Office (A.P Circle) dated 28-4-2016: O/o CGMT, BSNL, Abids, Hyderabad Comrades organized well attended meeting under the Chairman-ship of Com.N.K.Jain. More than 100 employees were present in the meeting. Particularly, 50 women employees were present till the end of the meeting. Com.Rajamouli-AI Treasurer, Com.Chandra Shekar Rao-CS, I.Satyanarayana-DS, attended the meeting. The employees known the facts about Adnoc PLI, Rule-55(II)b etc. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Smt. Lakshmi Vaidyanath-ADS, Circle Office
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30-April-2016 Election meeting at Vijayawada
Election big meeting at Vijayawada on the dais - Com. A.Rajamouli, CHQ, Treasurer, ND, Com. CH.Chandrasekhara Rao, CS, AP, Com.T.V.Ramana Murthy, CHQ- Vice President Com.V.S.Sharma, DP- Krishna SSA, Com. B.Hanumantha Rao, Dy. Genl. Secretary, SEWA, AP Circle. Com.M.Janardhana Rao,Circle Patron, Com.V.Narasimha Murthy,DS, AP- STR, Com. Bhaskara Rao, DP, SEWA.

Leaders on the dais up holding the hands showing the unity & leads to victory.

Br. B.Hanumantha Rao, Dy Genl. Secretary SEWA speaking on the dais & appealed all Sewa membership to vote for NFTE No.16. to protect the rights & privilege of SEWA members.

Com Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, CS, AP delivering speech on the occasion

Attended tight audience at Vijayawada

Attended members including lady comrades up to 9 PM

Com. A.Rajamouli, CHQ, Treasurer, explaining all India Situations

Retired official of MPM felicitated by Com. Rajamouli

Retired official of MPM felicitated by Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, CS

Retired official of MPM felicitated by com. Rajamouli & Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, CS

29-April-2016 PLI Bonous
BSNLEU AGREED , ACCEPTED AND SATISFIED WITH ZERO PLI for last six years. It is due to this staff couldn’t get even single paisa in the name of PLI. They are obviously satisfied that the zero PLI is the maximum. NFTE has been consistently impressing upon the BSNL management to pay PLI for year 2014-15. A meeting of joint committee was fixed for 30-03-2016 but the BSNLEU representative absented. NFTE President attended and this could not be digested as management expressed desire to pay. The NFTE represented that the formula of payment has to be negotiated for more amount of PLI. It should be as per respectability of the PSU and staff both. The G.Secy. BSNLEU avoided negotiation and went on to propagate for one or two digits PLI indicating his perference for “ZERO” PLI. Factual position is the amount was neither in one nor in two digits but beyond that which needed further negotiation. During last six years BSNLEU has never demanded payment of PLI and kept mum on the issue. Then how can they tolerate the initiative and pursuance of NFTE on the issue. Remember they had been declaring from house tops PLI payment in not possible.

29-April-2016 Wage Revision
01.01.2017 వేతన సవరణ BSNL ఉద్యోగులలో 90% మందికి చివరిది. వుద్యోగులారా మనసుతో ఆలోచించిNFTE-BSNL యూనియన్ కి వోటు వేసి నెంబర్.1 యూనియన్ గా గెలిపించుకుందాం. మన జీతాలు, పెన్షన్ మెరుగుపరచుకుందాం. BSNL. EU అదికారంలో 12 సంత్సరాలు వుంది. సాధించింది ఏమిలేదు. వుద్యోగులారా గుర్తించండి. మార్పు కోరుకుందాం.

28-April-2016 Appeal to SSA Secretaries
Model Ballot paper & Badges dispatched to SSA Secretaries, they are requested to send the branches immediately

Sample Ballot

28-April-2016 Allegations baseless and unfounded
The leaders of BSNLEU are making baseless and unfounded allegations that the NFTE agreed and accepted the formation of BSNL. It is far from truth and reality. The NDA Govt took Cabinet decision to form BSNL as per their election manifesto. Even the Parliamentary Committee, chaired by Shri Somnath Chatterjee recommended for the corporatarisation. The NFTE orgainsed 3 days historic strike with the cooperation of FNTO and BTEF and secured job and Govt pension guarantees from the Govt which are unparallel. The propagandists were anxious and eager to form industrial union and assembled quickly at Vishakhapatnam to form BSNLEU instead of protecting the employees. The “BBNL” (Bharat Broad Band Nigam Limited) has been formed in 2012. Who formed this PSU?. A separate Tower Company has been formed in the BSNL. Who has formed the third PSU i.e. Tower Company?. Govt is the owner of BSNL, BBNL and Tower Company and these have been formed only by Govt. The NFTE’s efforts had been to protect the interest of employees

28-April-2016 Election campaign at Guntur
Hectic election campaign at Guntur in AP Circle on 26-04-2016. Com. Rajamouli, Com. Chandrasekhararao, CS, Com. Hanumantharao CS, DGS SEWA BSNL, Com. Eashwar DS SEWA BSNL, Com. Purnachandrarao, DS, NFTE-BSNL, Guntur and active comrades of Guntur SSA interacted with employees working in GM office, Ashoknagar Exchange, CTO and Kothapet Exchange. The response was very positive and encouraging. All the employees listened with rapt attention to the views of leaders and known all the real facts about Adhoc PLI, importance of 3rd wage revision etc,. In the evening a meeting was organized under the presidentship of Com. Narsaiah at Kothapeta Exchange. The leaders explained the losses in 2nd wage revision, hardships in NEPP, denial of PLI since six years and other issues. Com. Hanumantharao CS and DGS of SEWA BSNL explained in detail the difficulties faced by SEWA employees during the last ten years. He assured whole hearted support to NFTE-BSNL in the 7th Membership Verification to protect the rights of the employees. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Purnachandrarao, DS, NFTE-BSNL, Guntur SSA.
Rajamouli, Treasurer, CHQ, ND… camping at Vijayawada, AP Circle.

26-April-2016 Download NFTE Song


26-April-2016 Election meeting at Medak SSA

An Impressive election meeting took place on 25-04-2016 at Patancharuvu-Medak SSA. Com. B.Hanumantha Rao Dy.Gen.Secretary,SEWA & Com. Ch.Chandra Sekhara Rao,CS,NFTE attended as chief guests of the meeting. Com.P.Narendra,DP,HTD,Com. V.K.Muthu,DS HTD, Com. NK Jain,All India Spl invitee Com.Arjun DS SEWA, Com.Balraj, DP,Medak SSA attended.Com. Venkateswarulu BP,Preside over the meeting.before starting the meeting NFTE songs were performed organised by Com.Narendra in attractive manner. Com.M.Parushasuramulu DS Medakmalso spoken need of voting of NFTE to restore the old glory.all speakers spoken about need of NFTE come into as No 1. recognised union.and what we lost during BSNLEU period.CS explained all issues in detailed.He appealed all to vote in favour of NFTE
In pattancheruvu- Medak SSA election campaign on 25.4.2016 comrades going for flag hoisting along with CS, NFTE Com. Chandrasekhara Rao ,DS, com. Parsharamulu, com.B.Hanumantharao & other comrades
Flag hoisting
National Flag hoisting
Assembled for Flag hoisting
Audience at glance
Sri B. Hanumantha Rao, Dy. v Genl. Secretary SEWA addressing the house
Com. CH.Chandrasekharao speaking in the house
DT. President com.Balaraj opening remarks

25-April-2016 NFTE-SEWA Flexi

ఈ Flexy ను ప్రింటు వేయించి SSA లలోని అన్ని ఆఫీసులలో పెట్టవలయును

25-April-2016 Turupathi Election meeting

తిరుపతి లో ఎలక్షన్ ప్రచారం ది. 21-4-2016 న చాల ఉత్సాహా బరితమైన వాతవరాణములో సాగినది. సర్కిల్ ప్రెసిడెంట్ మరియు కార్యదర్శిలు,యస్.టి.ఆర్ జిల్లా కార్య దర్శి కాం. పి. నరసింహముర్తి తో బాటు దాదాపు 30-40 మంది కార్యకర్తలు ఎర్ర కండవాలు దరించితిరుపతి లోని జి. యం. ఆఫీసు తో బాటు అన్ని ఆఫీసులు తిరిగి స్టాఫ్ ను కలుసుకొని NFTE కి ఓటు వేయమని అడిగున తీరు అందరిని ఆకర్షించినది. సభ్యులు అడిగిన పలు ప్రశ్నలకుసర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి ఇచ్చిన పూర్తి వివరణ సంతృప్తి కరముగ ఉండుటయే గాక సభ్యు లను కట్టి పడివేసినట్లు చేసినది. NFTE కి ఓటుఎందుకు ఓటువేయ వలయునో చెప్పిన తీరు స్టాఫ్ ను కదలకుండా చేసినది. సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ పర్యటన తిరుపతి లో ఒక నూతన ఉత్సాహాన్ని నింపినది అని చెప్ప వచ్చును. తదనంతరము సాయంత్రం జరిగిన సభకు 100 మందికి పైగా హాజరై రాత్రి గం. 8.00 వరకు వక్తలు చెప్పిన విషయములు శ్రద్దగా విన్నారు. ముఖ్యముగా శ్రీకాళహాస్తి లాంటి సుదూర ప్రాంతముల నుండి స్త్రీలు సహితము హాజరవటము కొసమెరుపు.సర్కిల్ కార్య దర్శి చేసిన సుదీర్గ ప్రసంగం సభ్యులను కదలకుండా చేసినది. ఈ పరిస్థితులనుబట్టి చూస్తే తిరుపతి లోNFTE గెలుపు ఖాయం అనిపిస్తున్నది.

25-April-2016 Sample ballot paper

Sample ballot paper - after finalization by the Corporate office Circle union will supply the same to the SSA according to the No.of staff available
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25-April-2016 Union Dairy Material

2016 సం.కు సంబందించిన యూనియన్ డైరి మెటీరియల్ ను ఎలక్షన్ ను దృష్టిలో ఉంచుకొని ఈ యూనియన్ నెట్ లో పెట్టుట జరిగినది. కార్యదర్శిలు దీనిని down load చేసుకొని , అవసరమును బట్టి పాంప్లేటులు గాను, బుక్లేట్లు గాను ప్రచార సాధనములుగ ఉపయోగించుకోన వలసినదిగా కోరడమైనది. డైరీలు మే, 1 వ తేదినాటికి SSA సేక్రటరీలకు చేరును
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25-April-2016 2nd Pay revision -BSNLEU Role

2.వ వేతన వప్పందములో అన్ని స్కేల్స్ లోను BSNLEU maximum pay ను మినిమం pay గ డిమాండు చేయుట జరిగినది, కాని సాదించినది మాత్రం మినిమం. అడిగినది వేలల్లో, వచ్చినది వందలలో అనగా ఇది రాదు, సాధ్యపడదు, అసాధ్యము అని తెలిసి మోసం చేయడానికి, మభ్య పెట్టడానికి దీనిని ప్రయోగించారు అని అర్థమగుచున్నది. సభ్యులు ఈ క్రింది టేబుల్ ద్వార గమనించ గలరు,
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20-April-2016 Appeal to SC/ST Employees -B.Hanmantha Rao, Dy.GS, CHQ - AP Circle

D/Ps ,D/Ss, B/Ps BSs , ఆల్ మై డియర్ బ్రదర్స్, SEWA - BSNL CHQ నిర్ణయం ప్రకారం BSNL లో SC/ST ఉద్యోగుల ప్రయోజనాల గురించి 10.5.2016 న 7వ మెంబర్షిప్ వెరిఫికేషన్ లో NFTE కు మన SC/ST వోట్లు వేయవలసిందిగా కోరడ మైనది. ఆవేశం గా కోపంగా , కాకుండా అనుమానాల్ని వదలి ఒక్క సారి నిజాఇతీగా నిజం గురించి ఆలోచించండి ....
ఇన్నాళ్ళు BSNL EU కి సపొర్ట్ చేసినాం . వరుసగా 6 సార్లు గెలిచి కూడా మనకు ఏమి చెయ్యలెదని ఋజువైన త ర్వాతే , మన ఉన్నతి కోసం NFTE కి మద్దతు ఇచ్చాం .
అందరూ మన సంస్థ లోని యునియన్లే కదా ! బయటి వారెవ్వరికీ మద్దతు ఇవ్వడం లేదు .
మనకు ఒకరు మిత్రులు ఇంకొకరు శతృవులు కాదు SEWA కు అందరూ సమానం.
EU చెయ్యలేదు కాబట్టే NFTE కి ఈ సారి మద్దతు ఇస్తున్నాం . వీళ్ళు చెయ్యకుంటే మళ్ళీ అడిగే అవకాశం కోల్పోతారు.
వాళ్ళకు గెలవటానికి సపొర్ట్ కావాలి మనకు సమస్యలు పరిష్కరించే వాళ్ళు అవసరం.
మంచి పరిపాలన కోసం మార్పుని ఆహ్వానించాలి , రాష్ట్రాలు వేరైన తర్వాత ...
" ప్రజలు మార్పుని కోరక పోయి ఉంటే తెలంగాణలో TRS అదికారం లోకీ వచ్చేది కాదు ".
అందరమూ సమిష్టిగా మన అబివృద్ది కోసం NFTE కి వొటేద్దాము SC/ST ల పెండింగ్ సమస్యలను సాధించుకుందాం. SEWA Unity వర్ధిల్లాలి .
జై.. భీమ్ ! జై ...భీమ్ !!
జై .... హింద్ !!!
B.Hanmantha Rao, Dy.GS, CHQ - AP Circle.

NFTE Targets

20-April-2016 Dalitha ratna awarded to Com.Balaraj, SSS(o) %CGMT HD

Com.Balaraj, SSS(o) %CGMT HD awarded " DALltha RATNA " This is great recognition of our comrade, for his services rendered to the down trodden people. The circle Union whole heatedly congratulate the comrade & we wish that he may receive many awards in his future walk of life. - CS,NFTE

20-April-2016 Download & Distribute pamphlets

All SSA Secretaries r reqstd to download this pamphlets & distribute to the staff members - CS, NFTE
Pamphlet Front
Pamphlet Back

20-April-2016 Election meeting at RTTC,Hyderabad

Election mass meeting was greatly organised at RTTC,Hyderabad on 18-04-2016 at 17:00 hrs. Com.ChandraSekhara Rao,CS,com.I.S.N,ACS & DS,Com.G.K Hanumantha Rao,ADS,attended to meeting a good number of officials of TTA trainees along with caderes actively participated.Circle Secretary explained total issues in details & losses occurred in BSNLEU period.He appealed all staff members to vote in favour NFTE.All trainees hear & intrestedly reacted and expressed need of support all staff. if we want to protected BSNL, we have to supported NFTE

20-April-2016 Election meeting

Election campaign meeting organised on 16/4/2016 at 2.00 PM in circle office. A good number of officials interestedly participated. Com. I.S.N and his team of circle has organised the mtg. CS-NFTE, Com. B. Hanumantha Rao, Dy.GS SEWA, com. Jain, Com. V.Muthu, participated in the meeting. Com. Islam narrated all issues & need of voting to NFTE

14-April-2016 TTA's of 2007 Rect.year can register online for JTO LICE from 15.4.2016 to 22.4.2016

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13-April-2016 PLI Matter

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13-April-2016 ERP now integrated with Rule 8 transfer application form

From now onwards rule 8 tranfer can be applied through ERP
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13-April-2016 Allowing all TTAs of 2007 batch for LICE scheduled on 22-5-2016

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13-April-2016 Election Procedure -Corporate Office

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13-April-2016 Appeal to all levels of SEWA since from Branch to Circle by CHQ president & secretary, Hope that all SEWA members of the AP circle will honour its commitment

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13-April-2016 Appeal to all levels of SEWA since from Branch to Circle by CHQ president & secretary, Hope that all SEWA members of the AP circle will honour its commitment

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13-April-2016 78.2% IDA Fitment for Pensioners waiting for approval

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13-April-2016 BSNL Boosts its mobile customer base in March 2016

With attractive tariff plans,BSNL adds 22 Lakhs new mobile customers in March 2016,Hope BSNL land line comes with attractive plans to attract more customers
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12-April-2016 NFTE-SEWA reached an agreement

NFTE-SEWA reached an agreement between two organisations to on 10-4-2016 at New Delhi to supportport NFTE in 7th member ship verification The Dy. General Secretary,SEWA from AP Com.Hanumantha Rao also participated in the agreement of negotiations. Hence all brothers and friends in AP circle are humbly requested support NFTE and participate in the election campaign collectively. The NFTE will safeguard the interests & protect the rights of the SEWA

More Photos

09-April-2016 Com. OPG's Birth Day

Telecom/BSNL working class remember the Father of Telecom workers Com.O.P.Guta's 95th Birth Anniversary on 8-4-2016. He is the symbol of Unity. He always says -
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05-April-2016 Election campaign at Khammam

The District executive committee meeting at Khammam SSA has held on 04-04-2016 at 10.30 hrs at NFTE Dist Union Office under the President ship of Com. Sk.Jaffer Hussain, Dist president our beloved leader com. Ch.Chandrashekar CS,our Circle President com. P.Anjaneyulu and com. J.Namcharaiah ACP Khm. Election campaign starting at Khammam GM office. A good response from the other union members. NFTE members are attractively participated. T.DurgaRao DS Khammam

Circle Secretary flag hoisting at khammam union office on 4-4-2016
DS Com. T.Durga Rao welcoming circle Secretary to the election meeting
Dist.President Jaffar addressing in opening remarks of the DWC
Audience attended
Circle Prewsident com.P.Anajaneyulu addressing the house
Com.Noor Mahmad addressing the house
DS. Com.T.Durga Rao addressing the house and asking the vote in favour of NFTE in the present situation
Com.Chandrasekhar, CS addressing the house and explaining situations during last 11 yrs of BSNLEU period
Com.Chandrasekhar, CS addressing the house
Election campaign of CS along with Khammam comrades at cse on 5-4-2016
Election campaign of CS along with Khammam comrades at GMTD office & explaining the situations and answering questions made by the lady comrades on 5-4-2016, there were good response to the CS Visit

09-April-2016 False propaganda by BSNLEU

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09-April-2016 Counting of training period to the TTAs for the LICE to the cadre of JTO

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09-April-2016 skills upgradation allowance wef 1-4-2016

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07-April-2016 False propaganda by BSNLEU on PLI

BSNL employees union made false allegation on NFTE that NFTE has asked 2 digit bonus to make it benefit in up coming elections as cheep tricks. This was proved by the C.O.,ND letter dated 6-4-2016. The corporate office clearly questioned the BSNLEU General Secretary seriously in the following manner - " When the BSNL employees did not attend the meeting. It is not under stand as to how this two digit amount has come into the picture.This is far away from the truth and by way of giving wide publicity to this issue, the union is lowering the image of the organisation. Again the union is advised to refrain from bringing uncorroborated information in the public domain" అబద్దపు ప్రచారాలు ఆపుము From the above comments of Corporate office it is clear that BSNL Employees union is making lies in elections and want to use this PLI meeting as bluffing to members of country. However truth has come out members can under stand the mischief role played by BSNL employees union
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07-April-2016 Revised calendar examination

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07-April-2016 Revised calendar examination

Election campaign took place at Rajamahendravaram in a grand manner Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, Circle secretary participated in the campaign. The campaign started at 10 AM from Sanchar Bhavan Rajamahendravaram (RMY and covered all offices in Rajamahendravaram. All staff members received the NFTE union in a enthusiastically and actively. staff members were patiently hear the speeches delivered. The CS,NFTE clearly explained the situations in the BSNL historical need of winning NFTE as NO.1 recognized union. Especially the GM office staff paid more interest and attention by hearing the speech of CS. It is under stood that staff are expecting that NFTE will come out with a great victory. Hope that it will become true. Com. J.Satyanarayana, DS, Com. S.N.Raj kumar, Election convener, & Com.V.Narasimha Murthy, DS, STR and other comrades participated the campaign and made it as grand success, there after words a big meeting toos place in sanchar bhavan.

Vote for NFTE,Ballot Serial No:16

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05-April-2016 Election campaign at Eluru

Election campaign speedly going on AP circle office, at Eluru. all members are wear red conduvas and distributed pamphlets on bonus issue

05-April-2016 Election campaign at Kurnool

Election campaign at Kurnool took place on 31-3-2016. A good response from the members. staff are attractively participated. Now they are waiting for the polling date, an executive committee meeting

04-April-2016 NFTE bring backs the Golden days

After a long struggle by NFTE,NFTE achieved bonus (PLI) for employees Download Pamphlet
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Page 2

01-April-2016 BSNLEU is against to bonus for Employees -CS,NFTE

Dear Comrades,Joint Committee on bonus met on 30-03-2016 at corporate office,ND to decide adhoc bonus.From NFTE,Com.Islam attended,GS,BDNLEU not attended.this is second time,GS,BSNLEU not attending meeting on bonus.We did not accepted two digit bonus.we demanded adhoc bonus immediately,adjustable after formula finalized.BSNLEU organizing agitation not to pay bonus to employees.Shameful.Employees are not paid bonus from 5 years in BSNLEU recognition period.Explain & do not allow our members to participate in it.

30-Feb-2016 Uttar andhra election campaign

Uttarandhra election NFTE campaign greatly organised by the respective SSAs of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam. a good number of comrades were attended. Even holiday on 25th at srikakulam even ladies also came far away from 150 Kms and also sat in the meeting up 7.00 PM. Com. Islam Ahmad, All India president, Com.Ch.chandrasekhara Rao, Circle Secretary, Com. P.N.Naidu, DS, SKLM, Com.D.V.Rao, DP,SKLM, Com.Kondala Rao, DS,VM etc are partacipated and delivered their speeches in eve of 7th verification and appealed to vote in favouor of NFTE. In Vizianagaram meeting took place on 26.3.16 DS.Com G.Bhaskara Rao, DP com setty and Com. Setharam along with vetern leaders partiipated. In Visakhapatnam meeting took place in GM TD office in unimagintory manner. About 150 comrades attended Com. Kondal Rao,DP Narasimha murthy and other leader also participated and delivered their speeches. In three SSA very good response from the members towards NFTE. staff are generously waiting for the election date to cast their votes in favour of NFTE in view of bitter experience with BSNLEU.​

29-Mar-2016 Fake Achievements Stated by BSNLEU on their site -Khammaam DS

BSNLEU has not settled anything during these 11 years except NEPP but shamelessly takes credit for the following
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29-Mar-2016 Adhoc Payment of PLI

The President met CMD, BSNL on 28th March and expressed anguish over delay in release of adhoc amount of PLI. He categorically stated that clearance to this effect has already been given to the appropriate authority. In the course of discussion GM (Pers.) entered and on questioned by the CMD he said the official side of the committee has already met and decided the quantum of adhoc amount. The CMD was told that Veto Power should not be used as adhoc payment will be adjusted in final payment. CMD agreed to look into the matter. NFTE is committed to make some payment immediately . Hope for the good days.

23-Mar-2016 NFTEBE Merger with NFTE

Com. Kohlli appealed to the SSAs & all level branches of NFTBE to work with NFTE-BSNL as NFTBE- merged with NFTE-BSNL
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23-Mar-2016 Counting of past service ex service man to JTO LICE- 2013

Counting of past service ex service man to JTO LICE- 2013 and sending the hase I training as per the court direction
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20-Mar-2016 Loss of Rs 10000/- share per employee due to BSNL EU agreement

2014-15 సం కు సంబంధించి BSNLకు డి.పి.ఇ. గైడ్ లైన్స్ ప్రకారము 3.9 ఫైనల్ స్కోర్ తో " ఫేర్ " నిర్నయించుట జరిగినది అని డి.పి.ఇ తెలియజేయుట జరిగినది. PLB ఫార్ముల ప్రకారము BSNL ఎంప్లాయిస్ యూనియన్ లాబాలతో కూడిన బోనస్ ఒప్పందము చేయకుండ ఉన్నట్టయితే ఇప్పుడు ప్రతి official కు రూ.10,000/-లు బోనస్ వచ్చి యుండేది. BSNL ఎంప్లాయిస్ యూనియన్ నష్ట పూరిత ఒప్పందము చేయుట వలన ఎంప్లాయిస్ ఒకొక్కరికి 10,000/- నష్ట ము జరిగినది. NFTE గెలిచి నట్లయితే నష్ట నివారణ చర్యలు చేప డతాము.

19-Mar-2016 JAO examination relaxation

JAO examination relaxation of RRs in age & educational qualifications
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18-Mar-2016 Non-Settlement of PLI

Non-Settlement of PLI to the non executives- intervention of CMD
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18-Mar-2016 Payment of HRA

Payment of HRA on 78.2% pay fixation wef 1-1-2007
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18-Mar-2016 Final voters list in AP circle

SSA Secretaries are requested verify the lists in the SSAs and also to see all STR and STP members also included in the lists of SSAs. Compare the total voters with the lists supplied by the SSAs
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18-Mar-2016 MOU score of BSNL for the year 2014-15

The final composite score for the year 2014-15 awarded to BSNL by DPE is 3.9, i.e., 'Fair". As per the formula, BSNL employees would have got Rs.10,000/- as Bonus this year, had BSNLEU not accepted linking payment of Bonus with Profitnftr
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14-Mar-2016 Off net calling facility for Non-Executive Employees.

The Non Executive employees using service sim enjoying Rs 200/- monthly top up on on-net(own network) calls now can get extra Rs 50/- top up for off net(other network) calls too.This achievement of tangent efforts of NFTE and also through JAC

14-Mar-2016 We accept support and will stand with them:-

Many TTA Comrades from different places have sent SMS and mails pledging support to NFTE(BSNL) in the 7th verification. They have acknowledged how NFTE(BSNL) arranged JTO LICE 2013 and settled wage erosion, Designation, Stipend increase issues etc. We fully accept their support with thanks and promise to stand with them in future also.

14-Mar-2016 information to all SSAs

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14-Mar-2016 posting of JTOs on completion of phase I field training

This is one of the 6th verification assurances. The NFTE union sincerely and dedicatedly made its efforts for their regularisation so many handles have been crossed, at last achieved its commitment. The circle union congratulated all all the candidates and wished them for their bright future

13-Mar-2016 Nomination of SSA level representatives for 7th membership verification

These representatives are authorised to nominate polling agents and and counting agents in the SSAs
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13-Mar-2016 BSNL Launches Video-On-Demand Services for Broadband Customers

On 10-3-2016 BSNL ties up with tata sky to offer video-on demand to Broad band customers. This is one month free and there after Rs.500/- PM rent

12-Mar-2016 Under alliance

an agreement had took place between two unions ie NFTE-BSNL & TEPU at Delhi in TEPU office on 11-3-2016. Both unions will work together in 7th verification and there after. This may prove our unity. This unity may bring brightness in BSNL company and its employee. This is part of fulfilment of desires of com. O.P.Gupta
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10-Mar-2016 Brief of the discussed National council items which took place on 10-3-2016

1. Payment of Allowances on 78.2:- Management has replied that initiative is on to start with some small allowances but we insisted that all the allowances like HRA, professional upgradation, MR for O/D should be considered. Management agreed to look into the issue.
2. GPF:- Management has expressed its difficulties of cash flow and getting bank loan on 10 % interest and paying GPF. We opposed any move to handover GPF to DOT. Mangement replied that efforts are on to get back holdings of GPF from DOT.
3. Cable damage:- management has replied what are the usual steps normally taken for protecting damages. But we insisted that care should be taken like filing FIR and finding technological mechanism to protect our cable properties.
4. 4G Roll out:- management has replied that at Chandigarh the roll out initiated on 2500 mhz. we insisted that those prime states like AP,TN, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc where 2500 mhz is not available , we should find some alternatives. Management assured that 4 G market will be taken care of.
5. HRA on 78.2% :- management replied that it is under active consideration.
6. Skill Development:- Management has explained that as per Govt initiative 15000 employees from 7 circles like AP, TN etc have been identified for skill development. Regarding in house training broad guidelines will be issued shortly
7. Rule 8 Transfers:- Orders and guidelines issued
8. Designation change for the cadres of Civil/Electrical/TF etc : This will be taken in a phased manner after the approval of Board for TTA/Sr TOA/Tm/RM obtained.
9. Union Facilities:- Guidelines will be issued regarding Telephone and other infrastructure facilities shortly
10. JTO RR allowing all Non Executives:- Staff side insisted that all the eligible NonExecutives should be permitted to JTO LICE. Management reiterated the RR position. After some discussion, Management expressed that it is possible to examine the issue similar to eligibility condition of JAO.
11. Higher level Type Quarters:- The issue will be examined by the SR branch
12. NEPP Pay benefit for those getting lower scale post based promotion from higher scale NEPP positions:- Management replied that the case is not justified
13. Improvement required in NEPP:- Management replied that no justification for further improvement. We insisted that atleast the flaws like delinking post based from NEPP, SC/ST concession in qualifying years, Reduction of pay scale from 7100 to 6550 and discrimination of Direct Recruited from 8 years to 4 and 7 years should be rectified. Management demanded separate note may be given to consider the issues.
14. IDA merger and wage Revision:- though we have referred DOPE orders that initiative on Wage revision is possible, management is reluctant quoting that it is waiting for 3rd PRC notification from DPE.

10-Mar-2016 Meeting

The Director HR Smt Sujata Roy ensured NFTE delegation that the following issues will be sorted out on top priority basis ( Com. Naresh, SNATTA NC member also in the delegation)
(1) Promotion of Ex-servicemen TTAs to JTO Cadre. The NFTE raised the issue in National Council and followed it up in the informal meeting. She was apprised of trained TTAs are awaiting promotion to JTO Cadre. She has already asked GM(Est) to get it decided quickly.
(2) PLI:- She was again reminded to get the matter resolved. There should not be delay in view of the fact that CMD has given clear orders on the issue.
(3) Review of JTO LICE, 2013 result:- The Director (HR) was requested to review the results in the light of Court orders. Many circles have not followed uniform procedure in rectifying the discrepancies wrong questions etc.

10-Mar-2016 PLI Issues

To day ie 10-3-2016 the CMD ensured the delegation of NFTE-BSNL, CHQ that CMD will intervene in settlement of PLI bonus - Let us hope that some payment will be made with sincere, dedicated efforts of NFTE

10-Mar-2016 Election Date

It is intimated by the corporate office that there is no change in union election date ie 10-05-2016

10-Mar-2016 JAO 2012

Request for re-evaluation/re totalling of verification of marks - JAO 2012 LICE examination 40 % Quot
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10-Mar-2016 Draft proposal

Draft proposal for BSNL Man Power Plan and staffing Norms for Territorial Circles
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10-Mar-2016 JTO LICE

Non settlement of discrepancies held in 2nd June '2013, addressed to the Director HR to resolve the issue
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10-Mar-2016 Parliament

Debt burden on telecom PSUs (MTNL & BSNL parliament question No.177 Minister reply there on
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10-Mar-2016 CAG Report

Six telecom companies -Reliance Communications, Tata, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Aircel -have cheated for Rs.12,400/- crores
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10-Mar-2016 Discussions with the management on some vital issues

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10-Mar-2016 Welcome back Comrade Kohli & Com Sajwani

Comrade Kohli, SG., NFTBE, has withdrawn the application filed by NFTBE for participation in the 7th Membership verification in support of NFTE. Also, subject to ratification by the AIC of NFTBE to be held in April 2016, he is keen to merge NFTBE with NFTE.

09-Mar-2016 Leave data of employees in ERP

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09-Mar-2016 periodical review of probity and efficacy among employees of CPSEs- BSNL

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09-Mar-2016 Re-schedule of JAO LICE examination

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09-Mar-2016 LICE JTO Deptl 50% quota examination

calculation of vacancies for the year 2013-14 after adjusting officiating JTO vacancies
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07-Mar-2016 Election notification

Notification for 7th member ship verification
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07-Mar-2016 Consolidation of SSAs

Consolidation of SSAs- corporate office is taking action for implementation business areas
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07-Mar-2016 Forum call for protest action on 10-3-2016

Forum of Central JAC given call for protest action on 10-3-2016. Hence all District secretaries are requested to conduct lunch hour demonstrations along with other JAC partners of unions and associations and make it the programme success - CS,NFTE,AP
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07-Mar-2016 Resolutions of NEC -Patna

Resolutions passed in the National Extended executive committee meeting at Patna
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07-Mar-2016 BSNL Income

Parliament Question on BSNL income
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28-Feb-2016 STR annual conference

STR SSA Annual conference will be held on 6-3-2016 at Vijayawada, All SSA secretaries are requested to direct the STR members working in their SSAs to attend the conference - Meeting Notice
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28-Feb-2016 PGM (HR) of circle office retirement

PGM (HR) of Circle office Sri George Santosh Marshal, ITS., is going to be retired on superannuation on 29-02-2016. He is having good rapport with all the staff members. He is really human resources person. He maintained good and very very cordial relations with all the unions.The NFTE-BSNL,AP Circle union wishes happy, peaceful healthy and wealthy retired life. Sri C.S.N Murthy, ITS., presently working as CGM Maintenance Eastern Telecom Sub Region, West Bengal is posted as PGM (HR) of AP Circle.

28-Feb-2016 Circle Secretary out of station

Our Circle secretary will be out station from 29-02-2016 to 06-03-2016. He is tour to Patna - Bihar State to enable to attend extended National executive meeting. Some District secretaries also attending the CWC. All District Secretaries may note this. If any urgency ACS, working in circle office Com. I.Satyanarayana Bobile No. 9441404940 may be contacted.

28-Feb-2016 Extended CWC meeting at Patna -Bihar State

Extended CWC meeting will be on 1-3-2016 and 2-3-2016 at Patna in Bihar state.
This is having very important because it is before elections.

28-Feb-2016 BSNL board meeting

BSNL Board meeting will be on 04-03-2016, the following staff issues will proposed present in the board : 1) Approval of New Designations to RM,TM,TTA & Sr.TOA cadres

2) one increment to Non executives appointed on or after 01.01.2007 but before 7.5.2010

3) 3% management share of Superannuation benefits to the BSNL recruits. This will be reviewed every year

27-Feb-2016 one increment to the Deptl candidates

Wage loss to Non Executives who were appointed on or after 01.01.2007 : Management Committee has approved grant of one increment to Non executives appointed on or after 01.01.2007 but before 7.5.2010. This will go to BSNL Board for further approval. This demand has raised on par with the DR of TTAs

24-Feb-2016 Meeting at RTTC, HD on 23-2-2016

NFTE,AP circle union conducted meeting in RTTC at Auditorium with under training TTAs on 23-2-2016 at 5.30PM. Com. Ch.Chandrsekhara RAo, CS,NFTE, Com. I.Satyanaryana, ACS and Com.N.Venkateswara Rao, ADS,HTD attended the meeting, all L.Os of the classes called on the dias and honoured with garlands.The meeting has organised with a view to know the views/difficulties from trainees and also to explore the all India issues prevailing in BSNL and up coming 7th union verification during May'2016.Com. I.Satyanaryana, ACS and Com.N.Venkateswara Rao, ADS,HTD and LOs were spoken. The Circle Secretary explained all the issue in details, all trainee candidates very much impressed with speech of CS,NFTE, he also replied all the questions raised by the trainees. All the trainees expressed their happiness and enthusiasm towards meeting, The circle union thanked all the participants and organisers for the meeting made grand success - Photos.​

20-Feb-2016 CHQ News

CHQ News
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20-Feb-2016 calender of exminations

Calender of examinations for 2016 issued, This is with tangent pursuation of our CHQ union. Since last four this was not issued
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20-Feb-2016 CCM Meeting dated 25-2-2016

All the District secretaries are requested to go through the CCM items available in our AP union site and intimate the status of the SSA on the items by 23-2-16 - CS,NFTE

19-Feb-2016 District Executive committee meeting , Tirupathi

The District executive committee meeting ot Tirupathi SSA has held on 15-2-16 at 10.00 hrs at Ambeadkar bhavan under the chairman ship of Com. C.T.Subrahamanyam, Dt president. A good staff members were presented in addition to the DWC members. The District secretary submitted his brief report on the activities of SSA union. The Dt. secretary increased the members in good numbers. In the token of recognition office bearers and members honoured the DS Com. Gurappa with shalls, a specially Srikalahasti lady comrades took active part in this. There after words the CS com. Chandrasekhara Rao explained all issues of all India and need of support of NFTE in forth coming 7th union verification during May 2016. He also told that in so many aspects - BSNL and employees progress has come forwarded after recognition of NFTE. There after the executive members of the SSA honoured the CS with shall in the token recognition of increased membership in AP circle for which AP circle come to No. 1 position in All India from 4th position during his period. All members expressed their happiness in the working manner of Circle secretary. - Photos

19-Feb-2016 Issues settled by NFTE

Issue settled by the NFTE during the recognition periods and items to be settled in up coming period after elections
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19-Feb-2016 18th CCM Items

18th CCM items for meeting date 25-2-2016
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17-Feb-2016 TTA recruitment rules

TTA Recruitment rules clarification - There is no change in decision of C.O,ND regarding TTAs
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17-Feb-2016 Reply from Prime minister's office to GS,NFTE

On 60-40 pension issue prime minister office replied to our GS, ND,wtih a direction to the DOT
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12-Feb-2016 broad band connectivity with cable TV operators collobaration

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11-Feb-2016 Broadband pilot projects in WGL

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11-Feb-2016 Items for 18th CCM from NFTE

Items for 18th CCM from NFTE, SSA secretaries are requested given if any additional brief is available with them
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11-Feb-2016 CHQ news

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10-Feb-2016 Election campaign started i Guntur SSA

Election campaign started in Gunture SSA at Vinukonda. A good gathering took place many senior comrades and veteran leaders attended the campaign.Com.K.Purnchadra Rao, DS,, Com.K.Balakoteswra Rao, N.Ch.Venkata Reddy, Com . M Apparao,Com.S Srinivasarao,circle Org.Secretary,and all Comreds participated many comrades from Tenali, Narasaraopeta, Chilakaluripeta and Guntur participated. Circle union appreciated the Gunturu SSA comrades for good opening and also requested to work with the same spirit up to election.

10-Feb-2016 CHQ -News

CHQ - NFTE taken up some issues
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10-Feb-2016 Compassionate appointment for accident cases

Special provision made to the compassionate appointment for accident cases
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10-Feb-2016 Special promotional broad band plans for Nellore SSA

Corporate office approved Special promotional broad band plans for Nellore SSA
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10-Feb-2016 Medical clarification

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10-Feb-2016 Broad band connections in Warangal Rural Areas.

President met CMD on 8th instant and drew his attention towards the growth of Telecom services. There is backwardness in Telengana region and growth of BB is not possible specially in rural sector. The suggestion of PGM, Warangal in A.P. was told to him. He has suggested to take optical fibre lines on lease for mobile connectivity upto Gram panchayats level. The PGM, Shri Narendra, has offered that the proposal be experimented with at Warangal and promised for good result. The CMD indicated positive response. President also impressed upon him to honour the assurances made earlier with the union.

10-Feb-2016 Direct recruits 30% benefit case

Terminal benefits for D/R staff Board returned to the “Remuneration Committee” and issue is now with the Finance wing of BSNL. NFTE is seriously pursuing this case, hope this case will be settled soon. - CS-NFTE-AP

10-Feb-2016 phase I training to the left out candidates

Phase-I training to officiating JTOs:- Andhra circle letter TA/STB/101-2nd SC Rg/2015-16/125, dt-18-01-2016 was handed over who earlier declined for promotion. The GM wanted detailed letter from union as same has to be processed and matter will go upto Board for approval as regularization is being done as per R/R approved by BSNL Board.

08-Feb-2016 HTD seminar on 04-02-2016

A great seminar was organised on 04-02-2016 at Asmanmhal auditorium under the president ship of Com. Nareandra Dt. President.HTD SSA union. All India President com. Islam Ahmed. Circle Secretary, Com.Chandrasekhara Rao, Circle President Com. P. Anjaneyulu attended the morning session of and delivered their speech. to the subjects committee about BSNL, staff issues relates to all India problems. The questions of the staff are also answered. Afternoon about 3.00 PM Seminar was commenced, Sri.Damodahar, ITS.,PGM TD,HTD attended the seminar as chief guest, GM(HR) of HTD Sri.Seetharamaraju ITS.,also attended.From AP circle union Com.Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao M.A (Litt) CS,AP attended as Guest of guest of honour.Along with the CS, Circle president, DS, Kurnnol, Sangareddy, Nizamabad,Nalgonda alo attended. Subject of the seminar : Survival of BSNL - Role of Management and workers. All speakers were spoken about BSNL and its development also contribution of working class. President com.Narendra and Dist.Secretary com. V.K.Mthu narrated total issues in the SSA and also poured some important issues which required the attention of SSA management.the seminar was concluded with vote of thanks by DS,HTD.

06-Feb-2016 MDF call is free to line staff

200 CUG problems avoided - AP circle union taken up the issue of 200 free sim problems with the NFTE-CHQ union through national council. while clearing the faults the concerned TMs have to speak with the MDF, these calls being chargeable from the 200 free calls of TM. Now MDF two telephone numbers are non chargeable to TMs - Corporate office orders
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04-Feb-2016 Circle Executive Committee meetings

రాష్ట్ర కార్యవర్గ సమావేశములు - ఏలూరు

రాష్ట్ర కార్యవర్గ సమావేశములు –పశ్చిమగోదావరి జిల్లాలోని ఏలూరు పట్టనమునందు 2016, జనవరి 29,30 తేదిలలో రంగరంగ వైభవముగా సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ అధ్యక్షులు కాIIపి.ఆంజనేయులు గారి అధ్యక్షతన శ్రీ కాశివిశ్వేస్వర కళ్యాణ మండపము నందు జరిగినవి. ఎన్నికల ముందు జరుగుచున్న సమావేశములు అగుట వలన అన్ని జిల్లాల నుండి అధిక సంఖ్యలో కార్యకర్తలు మిక్కిలి ఉత్సాహాముగా పాల్గొన్నారు. సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ కూడ ఎక్కడ ఎవరిని నిరోదించే ప్రయత్నము చేయలేదు. దాదాపు 450 మంది కార్యకర్తలు ఖర్చులకు ఏమాత్రము లెక్కచేయకుండా అధిక ఉత్సాహాము తో పాల్గొన్నారు. పశ్చిమగోదావరి జిల్లా comradesకూడ భోజన,వసతి సౌకర్యములు ఏర్పాటు చేయుటలో ఏవిదమైన లోటు రానివ్వలేదు. N.V. భోజనములు ఏర్పాటు చేయాలని శత విధములప్రయత్నములుచేసినారు.కళ్యాణమండపములోఆంక్షలుఉండుటవలనఏర్పాటు చే యలేకపోయారు వేరేచోట ఏర్పాటు చేయాలని తలంచినప్పటికి అందరు వెళ్లి మరల టైములో రావడం ఇబ్బంది అని విరమించుకోవడం జరిగినది. స్టేజ్ వద్ద జాతీయ మరియు ప్రస్తుత నాయకుల చిత్త్రపటములు, హాలులో యూనియన్ కు సంబందించిన సూక్తుల తో అలంకరించి అందరి మన్ననలు పొందారు. 22 జిల్లా కార్యదర్శిలు హాజరైనారు. ఆరోగ్య కరమైన చర్చలు జరిగినవి. అందరి దృష్టి ఎన్నికలపైనే ఏకీకృతమై ఉన్నట్లు తేటతెల్లమైనది.మన రాష్ట్రములో ఎన్నికలలో గెలవాలనేసంకల్పము,గెలవగలము అనే విశ్వాసము వ్యక్తమైనది. 2015 వ సంవత్సరము లో మెంబెర్ షిప్ పెంచిన జిల్లా యూనియన్లకు, సర్కిల్లోని మెజారిటి SSA లకు సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ ముమెంటోస్ మరియు కండవాల తో సత్కరించడవం అభినందిచవలసిన విషయము మరియు యూనియన్ ఒక అడుగు మిందుకు వేసి నట్లు పేర్కోనుట జరిగినది. రెండవరోజు గo. 3.00 లకు జరిగిన ఓపెన్ హౌస్ సెషన్ కు మేనేజ్ మెంటు తరుపున సర్కిల్ ఆఫీసు నుండి పి.జి.యం(హెచ్.ఆర్) శ్రీ జార్జ్ సంతోష్ మార్షల్ మరియు పి.జి.యం టి.డి.శ్రీ వి. సుందర్ హాజరై తమ సందేశములను ఇచ్చారు. ఆలిండియా యూనియన్ నుండి జనరల్ శక్రటరి కాIIచందేస్వ్రరసింగ్ పాల్గొని అనేక ఆలిండియా మరియు బియస్ఎన్ఎల్ పరిస్టితి వివరించుటతతో పాటు సభ్యులు అడిగిన అనేక ప్రశ్నలు, సందేహములకు వివరణ ఇచ్చుట జరిగినది. వీరితో పాటు ఆఫీసు భేరర్స్ అయిన కాIIరమణమూర్తి,అంజయ్యగార్లుపాల్గొని ఉపన్యసించుట జరిగినది.మొత్తంమీద సర్కిల్ కార్యవర్గ సమావేశములు ఆహ్లాదకరమైన వాతావరణములో జరుగటయే గాక ఇవి అందరిలోనూ ఒక నూతన ఉత్సాహాన్ని నింపాయి అని చెప్పవచ్చును.

02-Feb-2016 The circle union AP taken up the issue of common degree candidates for permitting the JTO (T) examination as one time measure with the Delhi people

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02-Feb-2016 Ammendaments in JTO RRs

Ammendaments in JTO RRs
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02-Feb-2016 Non transfer of Gr.C & Gr.D officials

Non transfer of Gr. C & Gr.D officials in view of 7th member ship elections


1. Promotions
2. Change of Cadre
3. Own Requests

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02-Feb-2016 7 th membership verifictinb

7th member ship verification :
Election Date : 10-05-2016
Counting & Declaration
Result of Elections : 12-05-2016

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02-Feb-2016 New DOT secretary

Sri J.S. Deepak is new Telecom secretary, and Sri Aruna Sharma new IT secretary

27-January-2016 Launch of Union Calendar of karimnagar ssa by gm sudhakar rao

భారత గణతంత్ర దినోత్సవము శుభాకంక్షలు - సి.యస్. సెక్రటరీ

26-January-2016 Receiption committee to CWC At Eluru

Receiption committee to CWC At Eluru
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23-January-2016 78.2% to pensioners - present status

Legal opinion received by DOT now vetting by DOT
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23-January-2016 Modifications in transfer policy

Modification in transfer policy made by the corporate office - NFTE AP circle will take required steps in this regard
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23-January-2016 CEC meeting participation

All the District Secretaries are urgently requested intimate to the Circle union - No. of of comrades participating the CEC meeting so that from their SSAs so that required arrangement will be done for accommodation etc.

21-January-2016 GPF fund sanction from DOT

AP Circle union requests the NFTE, CHQ to get the GPF fund directly from DOT as regular measure
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21-January-2016 GPF Funds allotted

Due to continuation of efforts of NFTE CHQ and circle union 42 crores of GPF funds have been allotted and released to day ie on 20-01-2016 which are supposed to be released after 26th of this month. With this all pending applications will be cleared in all the SSAs. The circle union whole heartedly thankful to the CHQ union. One union has announced in open meetings of some SSAs that GPF funds will not be released in this month. The NFTE raised our voice for the mitigated sufferings of our royal members. - CS,NFTE,AP

19-January-2016 CWC Meeting at Patna

Extended CWC Meeting will be held at Patna,on 1-3-2016 and 2-3-2016. All District Secretaries will take part in this meeting.Hence all District Secretaries may book tickets early to make comfortable Journey. If any active members want to participate may contact Circle secretary. This is a Verification meeting, It is having very importance for this meeting. so, All District Secretaries should attend without fail.Special casual leave facility will be available to all DSs -CS, NFTE,AP
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19-January-2016 Grant of Special casual leave

Grant of Special casual leave to the circle executive committe meeing
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13-January-2016 Anantapur District conference

The District Conference of NFTE Anantapur has conducted at NGO's Home, Anantapur on 11-01-2016 under the president-ship of Com. K. Padmanabhachar . Com. P . Anjaneyulu Circle President and Com Ch. Chandrasekhar Rao Circle Secretary of AP Circle have attended conference as chief guests.About 100 members attended the conference from all the nook and corners of the District actively and most enthusiastically. Majority of the branch secretaries complaint that SSA middle management is adopting biased and partisan attitude towards one union, this is not correct and fair dealing.The management has to change its attitude and mind set other wise union need to re act in a suitable way. The Circle President deliberately explained about the Union Organisation matters and about 7th membership verification in BSNL. The Circle Secretary clearly explained the present status of the BSNL and about up coming of Non-Executive membership verification . Com A. V. Raju CTS , Com C. Sudhakar TTA , Com P. Bala Rangaiah SSS , Com K. Ramanjaneyulu TTA are elected newly as District President , District Secretary , Asst District Secretary , and District Finance Secretary respectively.The District Conference had done successfully. The circle union congratulated the newly elected body.The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com A. Ananda Raju LCM Member.

13-January-2016 Circle Executive committee meeting

Circle Executive committee meeting will be at Eluru on 29th and 30th January
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13-January-2016 Orders on increased DA wer 1-1-2016

Orders on increased DA. wef 1-1-2016

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13-January-2016 7 th Member ship verification

7 th member ship verification ( union election) tentative schedule is attached here with schedule will be released on 18-2-2016.Election will be on 26-4-2016 and result announcement on 28-4-2015
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13-January-2016 Restructuring of AD (OL)s and translators

Restructuring of AD(OL)s and Hindi translators
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11-01-2016 GM HRs meeting minutes

Minutes of GM (HR/Admn)s of all territorial/non- territorial circle at Corporate office of on 17-12-2015 related to HR issues

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10-01-2016 7th Verification

7th Membership verification will be on 26-4-2016 and Result be announced on 28-4-2016

06-01-2016 Membership form

New membership form is enclosed here with. The SSA Secretaries to whom required may be down loaded and use it for the best convenient

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06-01-2016 3rd Death Anniversary of Com. O.P.Gupta

06-01-2016 - is the 3rd Death anniversary of Com. O.P.Gupta. He is the architect of P & T movement, he always prefers to struggle for unity for his entire life. UNITY FOR STRUGGLE AND STRUGGLE FOR UNITY IS HIS SLOGAN.. All Telecom industry people will remember his dedicated and devoted service on the eve of his death anniversary. Because of his struggle during 2000 lacks of DOT/BSNL Families are taking Govt. pension, where as no Govt.Dept/PSU is not taking pension without any contribution. All DSs are requested to remember the great leader by conducting meetings.

05-01-2016 Com. A.B.Bardhen no more

Com.A.B.Bardhen no more he is 92 yrs. He communist, & trade unionist he played a key role for sanction of 40 % pay in 6th CPC let his soul may reach in peace

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05-01-2016 NFTE AP calender released

2016 వ సంIIము NFTE-AP Circle క్యాలెండర్ విడుదల:- 2016 నూతన సంవత్సరం సందర్బముగా సర్కిల్ ఆఫీస్ లోని జిల్లాయూనియన్ ఆఫీసు నందు జరిగిన ఒక కార్యక్రమములో NFTE సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ తాయారు చేసిన మల్టి కలర్ క్యాలండర్ ను విడుదల చేసెను. ఈ కా ర్యక్రమములోసర్కిల్ ఆఫీస్ జిల్లాయూనియన్ ఆఫీసు బేరర్స్ యాక్టివ్ కార్యకర్తలు పాల్గొని తమ ఆనందమును వ్యక్త పరచెను. ఈ సందర్బముగా ఆలిండియా యూనియన్ మరియు బి యస్ ఎన్ ఎల్ సంబందిచిన నూతన సమాచారముతో కూడిన డిశంబర్ నెల టెలిస్పార్క్ మ్యాగజిన్ ను, వాల్ క్యాలండర్ ను యూనియన్ Active సబ్యులందరూ కలసి సర్కిల్ ఆఫీసులోని 10 ప్లోర్స్ లోని అన్ని సెక్షన్స్ వారికీ పంచిపెట్టి స్టాఫ్ అందరితో తమ అందమును పంచుకోనేను.

05-01-2016 Kadapa District conference

కడప జిల్లా 4వ మహాసభలు :- నేషనల్ ఫెడరేషన్ ఆఫ్ టెలికాం ఎంప్లాయిస్ - బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. కడప జిల్లా 4వ మహాసభ ది. 03-01-2016న ఉదయం గం. 10.00 లకు జిల్లా యూనియన్ అద్యక్ష్లులు కాIIసుబ్రహ్మణ్యం యస్. యస్. యస్ (ఓ) గారి అధ్యక్షతన కడపలోని అన్నమయ్య సెంటర్ నందుగల టీచర్స్ హోమునందు గల హాలు నందు జరిగినది. సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ అద్యక్ష్లులు కాII పి. ఆంజనేయులు మరియు సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి కాII సిహెచ్. చంద్రశేఖర రావు గార్లు ముఖ్య అథిదులుగ పాల్గొన్నారు జిల్లా కార్యదర్శి కాIIభానుప్రసాద్ సమర్పించిన కార్యదర్శి రిపోర్టును( Reprot and audited accouts) సభ గ్రవముగా ఆమోదించినది. సర్కిల్ అధ్యక్ష కార్యదర్శిలుతమ ఉపన్యసములలో April లో జరగబోవు యూనియన్ ఎలక్షన్లలో కడప జిల్లలో యూనియను గెలవలసిన అవసరమును మరియు ఆవశ్యకతను తెలియజేసి కార్యకర్తలకు కర్తవ్య భోద చేసెను.FNTO నాయకులు నరసింహాచారి మరియు నాగయ్య మాట్లాడుచూ జిల్లా లో FNTO మెంబర్స్ అందరు NFTE లో చేరుచున్నట్లు ప్రకటించెను. ఇందుకు మెంబర్స్ అందరు ఆనందమును వ్యక్త పరచెను. మధ్యానం సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి ఆలిండియా సమస్యలైన బోనస్సు, న్యూ డిజగ్నేషన్స్,స్టాగ్ నేషన్స్, జి.పి.ఎఫ్. పేమెంట్స్ మొIIగు అంశములపై సవివరముగా వివరణ ఇచ్చెను. తదనంతరం కాIIసుబ్రహ్మణ్యం యస్. యస్. యస్ (ఓ) కాIIయస్. చంద్రముని, టి.యం. కడప, కాIIచిన్నప్ప, టి.యం. పొద్దుటూరు ఆద్యక్ష, కార్యదర్శి, కోశాది కారితో కూడిన జిల్లా కార్యవర్గము ఏకగ్రవముగా ఎన్నికయ్యేను. జిల్లా కార్యవర్గామునకు సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ అభినందనలు తెలియజేచెను.

03-01-2016 implementation of transfer policy in 2016

All District Secretaries are requested to discuss with the SSA management and ask to start the process of transfers 2016 immediately in the month of January'16 itself and complete the same in March to avoid delay. The circle office orders in this regard are enclosed here with for ready reference and guidance please. If any assistance is required contact circle union immediately

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03-01-2016 PGMs promotion

Sri. George Santosh Marshal ,Sr.GM HR,%CGMT & Sri K.Narender, Sr.GM, Warangal have promoted as Principal General Managers in their respective places. The circle union AP whole heartedly congratulated them on the occasion.

03-01-2016 Income tax excess paid amount return

It is reported that excess amount collected from BSNL will be returned soon. The amount is approximately to 10,000 crores. This is one of the April 2015 strike item taken up by the central JAC

02-01-2016 outstanding pension

out standing pension may not be paid on maximum scales
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02-01-2016 7th Verification

There will be a meeting at corporate office on 11th of January 2016 with all unions on conduct of 7th Union verification for non executives which is due after 25th April, 2016
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=Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao
Circle Secretary,NFTE,AP

31-12-2015 D.A.Increased

D.A.Increased from 01-01-2016 is 4.5% total D.A = 112.4 %

Annual report of BSNL

Annusl report of BSNL for the year 2014 -015
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Approval of new Designations

It is reported that new designations have been approved by the managing committee on 23-12-2015 as it was approved by the Joint committee on 11-12-2015. It will go to the BSNL board, it is mandatory as some recruitments in the new designations cadres to be carried out and also modifications if required in the cadres to be done by the company.

23-12-2015 Empanelled SSAs in SSAs

All District Secretaries urgently requested to inform to the circle union empanelled hospitals recognised in your SSA. with following information 1. Name of the hospital 2. recognised for diseases 3. up to the period recognised 4.Mobile number


GPF Payment fund should allot to day please in view of financial needs of the staff for the month December'2015

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21-12-2015 Srikakulam Agitation Programme ended

Srikaulam agitation programme ended. The negotiations took place 19-12-2015 between Management and SSA union representatives were successful. The circle union conveys its Red salute to all the participants of each and every body.The circle union hope that this victory of inspiration may be a path to win the SSA in up coming elections.

21-12-2015 Gate Demonstrations

As per the call given by the Central JAC there will be a Gate demonstrations and badge campaign on 22-12-2018 for early settlement of 78.2% DA merger for BSNL retirees. All SSA Secretaries requested to conduct the programme in co ordination of other sister unions in the JAC - CS,NFTE,AP

Recoveries on account of mistakes
Recoveries should not be done on account of mistakes as employees are un scheduled hard ship - NFTE, CHQ taken up the case seriously with the Director HR
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BSNL call rate reduced
80% reduction of call rate for BSNL new prepaid customers, two new tariff vouchers
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Billing of 0.5% cess for SBC
0.5% extra on billing of BSNL customers on account of imposing of swachh bharat cess (SBC)
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2nd Batch TTAs postings
2nd Batch TTAs successfully completed training, they were given opted SSAs. Among 80 candidates 4 officials opted other SSAs other than the working. We have made our good efforts to post them where ever they want go. Our NFTE union 100% successful in this issue.
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17th CCM Minutes
17th CCM Minutes took place on 17-11-215 in circle office.All SSA secretaries are requested to take copy and get it implemented in SSAs
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All GM HRs meeting at CO-ND
The GM HRs of all circles will take place at corporate office on various HR issues on 17-12-2015.The NFTE, AP circle union given some issues to our GM HR take up the same in the said meeting
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Meeting with circle management
AP circle union discussed the following issues with the circle management on 18-12-2015.

1) place of postings of 2nd Batch TTA trainees who were successfully completed training as on 18-12-2015.

2) Review of the results of SC/ST candidates of TTA examination - Committee will be constituted for review

3) Implementation of CAT Judgement as per the committee report of JTO examination results - Action will be taken as per the Judgement in a stipulated period ie with in two months from the receipt of Judgement copy.


GM HR of circles meeting at corporate office on 17-12-2015 (1) POs for left out cases. (2) Handling of casual labourers cases. (3) JTO D/R and LICE vacancies. (4) Timely action for early finalization of pension cases. (5) Information relating to anomaly cases. (6) Circle and local councils meeting. (7) CGA cases. -CS,AP

Posting orders of TTAs
Trained TTAS were given posting orders to the opted places. 14 candidates were opted other than the working SSAs. NFTE 100 % successful for fulfilling the desires of candidates
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12-12-2015 Holidays list

Holidays list for year - 2016
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New Designations
New Designations finalised by the committee. Details are furnished here under:

R.M - Asst. Telecome Technician

T.M - Telecome Technician

TTA...- Junior Engineer

Sr.TOA (NE11 an NE12) - Office Superintendent

Sr.TOA (NE9 an NE10) - Assistant Office Superintendent

Sr.TOA (NE7 an NE8) - Sr.Office Associate

Flood/Cyclone Advance to the Nellore SSA
The Circle unon NFTE -BSNL requested to the circle management to grant flood/cyclone advance to employees of Nellore in view of the un precedented cyclone
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06-12-2015 How to merge BSNL and MTNL?

Both the state-run organisations have lost their value. BSNL is down to not more than $20 billion from close to $70 billion. So is the fate of MTNL

The debate on saving state-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) have been going on for the past several years; by merging them together to synergise operations, is one approach amongst many. To my reckoning, the time this debate has gone on could be close to ten years. During this period both the organisations have lost their value, BSNL from close to $70 billion is down to not more than $20 Billion. So is the fate of MTNL. One approach has been to merge the two organisations. There are statements in the press that the process would get completed by July 2015. Approaches like MTNL acquiring BSNL or vice-versa and of course merging the two together.

It must be understood that one of them is listed and the other is not. Whatever approach of the three one takes, the question of valuation will arise from the point of view of the share holders of MTNL. In this debate alone of what to do all we have seen is erosion of the valuation of both the organisation accompanied by an extremely lacklustre performance despite having the best infrastructure and reasonable competent man power. Should this approach continue, July 2015 too would be a mirage or wishful thinking?

What needs to be done is to find the value of BSNL? To do that there are two main issues which need to be resolved?

Synergy between the two by merging them together

Governance is a larger issue encompassing the entire approach to the public sector units (PSUs). My view is that they have to be board governed and not managed on day-to-day basis by the administrative Ministries. As I said, this issue has to be resolved at much higher platform as a clear policy directive. My views on this can be summed up by this question: “Does Sunil Mittal seek the permission of Sanchar Bhawan to procure any equipment or hire and fire any of his staff or matters relating to their compensation?” This first step has to be to restructure both the Boards by empowered personnel from both inside and outside. We have to bring in eminent professionals from outside, like what has been recently done create a committee under TSR Subramaniam. This step has to be taken ASAP. The mandate has to be turn around, complete Bharat Broadband Network Ltd (BBNL) and get BSNL listed.

The debate has been centred on how to go about it for the last so many years. In order to better understand the problem, the merger is contemplated between a listed company and an unlisted company, MTNL is listed and BSNL is not. MTNL has few ADR holders as well. The debate is, does MTNL merge with BSNL or vice-versa? How to compensate the existing MTNL share holders? There have been a deluge of reports from the big five, however none giving a clear path. My view is that before seeking any report from any of the Big Five, BSNL must be listed. The steps to be followed would be:

    1).   To carry out an in house computation of its net worth taking into account the massive infrastructure and the land and buildings on the basis of its true market value. To my belief that in itself would be mind bogglingly close to few billions.

    2).   Get a sanity check of the valuation by a good Chartered Accountant (CA) or one of the top public sector or private Indian bank. To my mind ICICI Securities and SBI Capital would fill the bill. This would also provide a balance between private and public. Member (Finance) of the Department of Telecom (DoT) and a Secretary from Ministry of Finance (MoF) must have oversight.

    3).   Let us say the valuation is close to $50 billion. Convert that into number of shares of Rs10 each, say Rs300 billion. Either issue a fresh equity of 30 billion shares so that money comes to the company or let the government sell their 30 billion shares or a mix of the two say 15 billion each. Whatever approach is taken, it must be made clear that the money will be used for the purpose for which it has been collected. This could include even issues like offering voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) to some of existing employees. These shares can be priced at some discount to the book value discovered. Bundle size can be created for the entities to pick bundles of various sizes depending upon their appetite. The minimum bundle could be say Rs50 crore.

    4).   Let these shares be forced to be purchased by PSU banks, Life Insurance Corp of India (LIC) and or other Indian financial institutions. The preference should be Indian institutions and banks. I am quite sure that these would be lapped up. If oversubscribed keep a green shoe option of 3% of the issue size.

    5).   Following the completion of this sale of say 10% to 13% of government or BSNL or a mix of the stock, take immediate action to list the shares at both BSE and NSE. Allow them to trade for some time. Some of the entities may off load. Let the trading continue for some time. At least three months time must be given to trade to discover the value. During this period, restructuring of both BSNL and MTNL must continue by appearing them to be board governed.

    6).   Based on this valuation, issue fresh equity of say 5%, in case not done as above, to raise money with the sole purpose of downsizing the bloating man power by bringing in VRS and or any other schemes to demonstrate that BSNL means business. Fresh equity means, money into the company and not government.

    7).   Separate the Chairman and CEO (chief executive officer) post. Chairman must be an eminent personality. Bring in hardnosed professionals to run the company and board.

    8).   In the mean time continue to restructure the board by bringing in eminent personalities form outside as well. Start looking at the compensation structure of the personnel of the two companies to attract talent into the company at all levels.

    9).   Once this exercise is completed say in a total of six months, a benchmark price point would be available for BSNL.

    10).   This is the time when an announcement should be made that the Government intends to merge the MTNL and BSNL at swap ration say 100 shares of MTNL buys you one BSNL share.

    11).   Make an offer to the American Depositary Receipt (ADR) holders and others.

    12).   Take action to coalesce the two Boards into one.

    13).   One immediate action to increase revenues of both BSNL and MTNL is to order them to allow all private networks to Roam on them. They are losing big time by some stupidity. They have the best infrastructure adequate enough to take care of all the roamers all over India.


The debate can go on till cows come home. Few more July dates will go by. Three steps:

(a) Establish BSNL price point by professional valuations

(b) Restructure Boards and improve governance, look at compensation to incentivise staff, attract staff, retire staff

(c) Allow all private networks to roam on the network.

(BK Syngal is former CMD of erstwhile Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL). He is a B Tech (Hons) and M Tech from IIT, Kharagpur, C Eng (UK), MIEE (UK) and Sr MIEE (US). He is also a member of the London Court of International Arbitration.)

2nd & 4th Saturdays holiday issue
All you are aware that one fake letter floated stating that 2nd and 4th Saturdays are holidays. one union has claimed that the said letter got issued by their pursuance. corporate office issue a letter with this matter
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All SSA secretaries are requested to issue the following savingram to the CGMAP,HD by tomorrow ie 3-12-2015





----------------- SSA


Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao,
Circle Secretary, NFTE-BSNL -AP


7 th CPC report
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Beware of rumours : Some unscrupulous element has started circulation of an order said to have been issued by BSNL declaring 2nd and 4th Saturday as Holidays, through Whatsapp and Facebook. No such order was issued. The circular issued by BSNL on 24.03.2015 declaring Holiday for Dr.Ambedkar's Birthday has been edited and circulated. Click here for the original Circular . . . and the edited one which is presently under circulation.
in addition to this one message also received by our members that one of the union has taken up this at CMD level and issued this order.
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USO fund released
USO fund subsidy allot to BSNL Rs.1250 Crores for year 12-13 released by the DOT at last. this is one of the April 21,22 strike items. we can utilise this amount for development or procurement of equipment
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BSNL net profit
BSNL net profit in 2018 minister said
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Branch Secretaries addresses
All District Secretaries are requested to send the addresses of the branch secretaries of each SSA on or before 05-12-2015. Matter is most urgent.

At the same time all the District Secretaries are requested to send their email addresses to the circle union immediately. if email addresses are not having the same may be created at once and intimate to the circle union.

Circle Secretary's new address
Circle secretary has shifted his residence from Asmanmahal to Telecom house. his new address is mentioned here under :

Ch. Chandrasekhara Rao, Circle secretary, NFTE-BSNL, AP circle Telecom House, No. 3-4-1013/9,Teleclom house, Barkatpura, Hyderabad -500027

All District Secretaries are requested to make the change of new address. The new land line number will be intimated later.

Relaxation to the GR. D cadre
CHQ union requested to the Director HR of corporate office that one time relaxation be given to the Gr.D candidates for appearing TM exam irrespective of qualificagtion
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Weight age of marks on CGA
Review of weight age of marks on CG appointments
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Designation committee
Designation committee for early settlement
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PLI issue again discussed with the management
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33rd National council meeting minutes
33rd National council meeting minutes held on 16-10-2015
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NEPP unsettled issues
Regrading NEPP some issues remained un settled, CHQ-NFTE struggling for its settlement even though NFTE-BSNL is not part of evil agreements of NEPP. And taking major role for mitigated sufferings from NEPP
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Committee report on JTO examination
The CAT judgement on committee report on JTO examination has not delivered to the circle management.The NFTE-BSNL union is continuously pursuing case, it is committed to do justice to the candidates.

TTA cadre issue
In 33rd National council meeting date 16-10-2015 under point 6.7 Management clearly stated that TTA cadre is circle cadre only to those who recruited under 2014 quota. There is no any scope to convert them as SSA cadre. if any problems, they will be sorted out. All members may take note of it and do not believe any rumours

24-11-2015 New Designations issue

President and GS met GM (Restg) and requested for resubmission of re- designation proposal of main stream Cadres to the Management Committee. Matter is getting delayed despite specific instructions of Director (HR). Hope that matter will settled at the earliest.


1) Meeting with CMD & FTTE on 6.30PM to day on bonus issue
NFTE formation day : All SSA Secretaries are requested to flag hoist at Union/Workin Places on 24-11-2015 on eve of NFTE formation day. CS. NFTE
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19-11-2015 Mtg with GM ESt

Issues taken up with the GM (Est) with by CHQ union
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19-11-2015 BSNL operation profits

BSNL in profits in operations in 2015
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Circular No4/2015

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13-11-2015 TTAs - Options to the SSAs

Circle union, NFTE,AP conducted meeting on 26-10-2015 at RTTC,HD with TTA trainees along with DSs of HD and Circle office to hear their problems and views. The Circle union given assurance to the trainees that options will be arranged so that willing SSAs can be opted by the candidates. Accordingly options were asked by the circle office and displayed in AP intranet on 09-11-2015 by 3.00 PM.Last date was fixed for exercising options by 16-11-2015. By this facilitate to the candidates to opt other than the SSAs working, there by candidates can to the willing SSAs irrespective of working. The optee candidates will not be given TA/TP as request of the officials are being considered. SSA secretaries are requested to keep touch with the trainee candidates of the SSAs belonging to and guide them time to time. The SSA secretaries are again requested to identify the the places to these TTAs to be posted to their SSAs by following the usual procedures by 05-12-20015, as 1& 2 batches are coming to the SSAs on 12-12-2015.

Transfer policy implementation during -2016
Transfer policy guide lines and procedure to be followed by the SSA for ensuing year -2016. The transfers should start and completed between January - March, 2016.The SSA secretaries should act accordingly, and see that this should be done smoothly in every SSA by co coordinating staff and management. If any difficultly Circle union may be contacted immediately and in time for necessary assistance.
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GPF payments
GPF payments have been released to the SSAs on 9-11-2015. Amounts and No. of officials SSA wise also attach here, we are making our good efforts to get more funds with Delhi in second time during this month
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TTAs Training, options, postings
All are aware that 4 batches ( 1 to 4) consisting of 168 candidates are under training at RTTC, Gachibowlu, Hyderabad. Three Options were given to all the trainee officials on 9-11-2015 . Postings will be given to all the candidates basing on the options given by the candidates without TA/TP as postings are being done at the requests of the officials. The officials working in one SSA may opt other SSA also if the desire. Maximum postings will be done as per the options/their own SSAs. The SSA secretaries may keep touch with the members under training and help them in giving options, if any assistance is required, Circle union may be consulted.
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10-11-2015 Deepavali Greetlings

Deepavali is the Festival of Lights. This festival indicates victory good over bad evils. The circle union of NFTE -BSNL AP circle wishes this Deepavali Festival may brings bright and cheerful prosperous in the lives of all members of NFTE-BSNL as well as all staff of AP cirlce.- Chandrasekhara Rao, Circle Secretary

Waiving the 1 cr penalty on Relilance
Telecom tribunal TDSAT has direct the Term cell not penalise Rs 1 crore penalty on Reliance Communications imposed by vigilance, it is only 15%
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Medical claims
Early settlement of medical claims
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Audio - Vedio recording
Un authorised audio -vedio recording may not be recorded in official meetings, which leads to disciplinary action under section of 4 CDA rules 2006
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BSNL -MTNL merger
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CWC resolutions
Central working committee passed the following resolutions unanimously. The CHQ union taken up the issues immediately with the corporate office
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Click Here File 4
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CGHS ratres -2014
Corporate office issued instructions to all Circle heads to follow the CGHS rates of 2014. At present 2010 rates are following so, hospitals are not coming forward to give treatments. with higher rates of CGHS will be paid . It is further directed that latest rates rates available in the websites of CGHS will be followed - CS,NFTE

Adhoc Bonus payment
Adhoc Bonus payment should be paid before Diwali - CWC, Aurangabad directs the CHQ to hold indefinite past at corporate and circle office
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JAO RRs amended service required reduced to 5 years

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GPF - Payments for October 2015 will be paid before Depavali festival. CS

PLI bonus
Payment of PLI bonus on adhoc basis should be paid immediately
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Terminal benefits
Terminal benefits to the BSNL recruitees as per the agreement -
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Skill developement
Skill development to the staff to handle the technology
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Self care customer portal

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30-10-2015 Pay revision to coal India

29-10-15 Cabinet approval was given to Coal India loss making Subsidiaries to adopt 2007 pay revision as an exceptional case. The Officers of those loss making Units are also going to get their PRP and the payment would be out of the corpus created by pooling the profits

28-10-2015 Empanelled hospitals in HD
Latest list of empanelled hospitals in twin cities of Hyderabad
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28-10-2015 Compassionate appoinments
Compassionate appointments (28 +1) issued, DSs are requested to guide them for any help
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The Corporate office proposed the changes attached under section 13. SSA secretaries may express their view to implement it and express the opinion of circle union in ensuing CWC meeting at Aurangabad Gist of proposal
1. Tenure stations (Identified by circle) - 2 years
2. NonTenure stations (Identified by SSA) - 3 years
3. No transfer for women employees
4. Going to complete 55 yrs of women employees as on 31st Marach of particular financial year
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JAO R/Rs have been approved by the BSNL Board. Minimum qualifying service re five years only for Detl. candidates.

GPF Fund
GPF Fund to the applicants applied up 30-9-2015 were paid. The remaining fund will be released after soon ie after release of salaries fund. This is because of non releasing fund from DOT in r/o some circles. In Some circle the claimed amounts are not being released by the DOT.

CWC meeting at Aurangabad, Maharashtra State
The SSA Secretaries and office bearers who are coming to the CWC meeting Aurangabad may intimate the circle union immediately, other wise accommodation may difficult provide at the venue - CS

Compassionate appontments
All SSA Secretaries are requested to guide the compassionate appointees in originals verification etc for which 29 cases were released. The ex comrades were rendered thier total service to the DOT/BSNL as well as to the union.

TM qualified information
All District secretaries are requested to intimate - Number of TM exam qualified candidates of Gr.D/RMs are available in your SSA for want of TM posts to the circle union by 30-10-2015.

Calling of option from TM exam. qualified and trained Group D officials but not appointed for want of TM vacancies

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DHARNA PHOTOS dtd 19-10-2015
As per the call given by United Forum of Associations/Unions day long Dharna on 19-10-2015 at BSNL Bhavan, Vijayawada SSA for payment of Adhoc PLI.

More Photos

Website inauguration at Vijayawada
Krishna SSA union executive committee meeting took place on 13-10-2015 at 11.00 hours in NFTE union office, BSNL compound, Vijayawada. The new website of Krishna SSA union inaugurated by Com.Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, Circle Secretaray,NFTE, AP Circle, The address of new website is " nftebsnlvj.com ". All members of the our union at various SSAS may access this website. ERP ESS module also available in this site. Hope that this website may useful to all.

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Dharna conducted on 19-10-2015 for Adhoc PLI of KARIMNAGAR SSA of AP Circle

Day long dharna
Dharna at %GMT,GUNTUR
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Dharana on 19-10-2015 at SSA Head Quraters
Conduct " DAY LONG DHARNA ON 19-10-204-15 " at SSA head quarters for immediate release of Adhoc bonus with associate with other union/ associations.Same programme will be conducted at circle/CHQ head quarters. All District Secretaries may take take tangent action to implement the JAC Call. This is Central JAC Call - CS, NFTE.AP

GPF Fund will be released probably by 19th or 20th of this month. All are note this.

Demonstrations conducted at Khammam
Demonstrations conducted at Khammam, No. of officials participated enthusiastically strongly demanded for immediate release of adhoc bonus. T.Durga Rao D/S NFTE-BSNL,Khammam.


Demonstrations at Vijayawada
Demonstrations conducted at Vijayawada in GMTD office compound and strongly demanded for release of bonus

Demonstrations at Srikakulam
Demonstrations conducted at Srikakulam, a large No. of officials participated enthusiastically strongly demanded for immediate release of adhoc bonus

PLI demonstrations at Anantapur
Demonstrations actively conducted at Anantapur and demanded immediate release of adhoc bonus

Discussions with Director (HR)
Discussions took place with Director (HR) and NFTE delegation on 7-10-2015 - details of the issues
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Demonstration at circle office & HTD
Demonstrations conducted at circle office a large No. of gathering took place Sri. S.V.S.Subrahmanyam, SG,BTEU. Com.Padmanabham, AGS.SNEA, Com.Srinivasa Reddy, CS,AIBSNLEA, Com Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao CS,NFTE,Com.Sampath Kumar,CS,SNTTA,Com.Taranadh, ACS,BSNLEU, DS, BSNLEU. Com.Jaiswal and com.I.S.N.,DS,NFTE enthusiastically participated in the demonstrations and strongly demanded immediate release of adhoc bonus. Our circle Secretary Com.chandrasekhara Rao explained the historic back grounds of Bonus and also latest position and attracted by all. It is general view and under standing that some amount of bonus will come.

In BSNL Bhavan under good gathering Demonstrations were conducted Com. Muthu DS,NFTE & Com.Mohan Reddy DS,BSNLEU and their teams were participated.

Massive demonstrations on PLI
ది. 06-10-2015 న బోనస్సు మంజూరు కొరకు జిల్లా మరియు సర్కిల్ హెడ్ క్వార్టర్స్ నందు మాస్సివ్ డిమానిష్ట్రేషన్స్ ఇవ్వవలసినదిగా సెంట్రల్ జే. ఏ. సి. నిర్ణయించినది. కావున జిల్లా కార్యదర్శిలు అందరు జే. ఏ. సి. లోని అన్ని యూనియన్స్/అసోసియేషన్స్ తో సంప్రదింపులు జరిపి పోగ్రామును జయప్రదము చేయవలసినదిగా కోరడమైనది. తదుపరి కార్య కామములు ది. 12-10-2015 న జరగబోవు సెంట్రల్ జే. ఏ. సి. మీటింగు నందు నిర్ణయించ బడును. - సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి

TTA to JTO results - court cases
Declaration of TTA to JTO results under 35% and 15% quota held on 2-6-2013. These are ex service men approached CAT for relaxation of service conditions.Now declared results as per cat orders. Nine officials qualified the examination. The NFTE-BSNL,AP congratulates all the candidates.
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Pay anamoly cases
pay anomaly cases should be forwarded to the circle office immediately. As all of you are aware that a committee has been constituted to settle the issue at corporate office level. This pay aberrations has been caused due to conversion of CDA scales to IDA scales. Still date yet to be received from the 10 SSAs. District Secretaries take immediate action to send the data to the circle office
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GPF payments
GPF with drawal applications applied for september' 2015 treated as cancelled, submit fresh applications for GPF withdrawals/advances for October 2015 along with hard copy latest by 7-10-2015. This has happened due to paucity funds in corporate office.ND. Last month 800 crores has been paid by by the corporate office, but not returned by the DOT in some circles cases. There is meeting with Director (Fin/HR) on Tuesday with our NFTE on the subject to sort out issue
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D A Increased 5.3%

DWC meeting at Ananatapuram
The NFTE-BSNL Anantapuram 3rd District Executive Meeting was conducted under the president ship of Com. Padmanabhachar on 26-09-2015 at Conference Hall , Vemana Telephone Bhavan , Anantapuramu. Com P. Anjaneyulu Circle President , and Com Ch. Chandra Sekhara Rao Circle Secretary attended the DWC meeting. District Executive Members, Branch Secretaries and active members more than 55 members were attended. Com Padmanabhachar Dist President , and Com C.Sudhakar District Secretary were discussed and explained the NFTE achievements , and present status of the Union, they also explained the present situations of the SSA in brief . Com P .Anjaneyulu Circle President explained the present status of the organization and unity of the organization. Com Ch. Chandra Sekhar Rao Circle Secretary were deliberately explained the present status of the Organization in CHQ , and Circle Level, achieved issues, present status of the BSNL and its implementation of the issues. He clearly guided to the all Branch Secretaries / members to how strengthen the NFTE Union at Branch and District Level and also the responsibilities of the branch secretaries & DWC members. The suggestions of the Circle President and Circle Secretary accepted by the District Executives unanimously . The meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks by the Com . A.Ananda Raju LCM member NFTE.

1. Com. Padmanabhachar District president addressing the DWC

2. Com.Ch.Chandarasekhara Rao, Circle Secretary, AP Circle speakingin the house

3. CS,NFTE. AP circle honouring com. B.Hari Krishna, TTA with flower boquet. for his excellent job in cell towers by which increased the revenue during July, and August

Massive demonstrations on PLI
ది. 06-10-2015 న బోనస్సు మంజూరు కొరకు జిల్లా మరియు సర్కిల్ హెడ్ క్వార్టర్స్ నందు మాస్సివ్ డిమానిష్ట్రేషన్స్ ఇవ్వవలసినదిగా సెంట్రల్ జే. ఏ. సి. నిర్ణయించినది. కావున జిల్లా కార్యదర్శిలు అందరు జే. ఏ. సి. లోని అన్ని యూనియన్స్/అసోసియేషన్స్ తో సంప్రదింపులు జరిపి పోగ్రామును జయప్రదము చేయవలసినదిగా కోరడమైనది. తదుపరి కార్య కామములు ది. 12-10-2015 న జరగబోవు సెంట్రల్ జే. ఏ. సి. మీటింగు నందు నిర్ణయించ బడును. - సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి

25-09-2015 TTA training schedule
TTA training Schedule released: ­ ­ సర్కిల్ ఆఫీస్, హైదరాబాద్ టి.టి. ఏ. ట్రైనింగ్ షెడ్యుల్ ది23.-09-2015 న విడుదల చేయుట జరిగినది. దీనిని అనుసరించి ది.05-10-2015న బ్యాచ్ నెo. 01 మొదలై బ్యాచ్ నెo. 11 తో ది.29-04-201న ముగుయును.టి.టి.ఏ పోటి పరిక్ష లో పాసైన 455 అభ్యర్దులను మెరిట్ లిస్టును అనగా వచ్చిన మార్కులను అనుసరించి training programme రూపొందించుట జరిగినది. Training లో వచ్చిన మార్కులను అనుసరించి అభ్యర్దులకు SSA లు కేటాయించా బడును. కావున ఎ లాంటి ప్ర లోభాలకు లోను కావద్దు. మోసపోవద్దు. SSA లు కేటాయించుటకు మార్కులు ఆధారము తప్ప ఎ లాంటి recommendations కు అవకాశము లేదు. అభ్యర్దులగమనించ వలయును. జిల్లా కార్య దర్శిలు ఈ విషయములో అభ్యర్దులకు గైడ్ చేసి సహకరించా వలయును.Training కు పంపు వివరములు ఈ విదముగ ఉండు ను. - భ్యాచ్ వైజ్ లిస్టుల కొరకు

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GPF Payment
It is reported that GPF funds will be released after release of Salaries fund ie after 26-9-2015 by the corporate office. This may be brought to the notice all staff concerned.

Sad News
Com. V.Bhaskara Rao, ADS,NFTE - BSNL Guntur SSA suddenly expired on 22-09-2015. He is about 58 years . He worked as in charge District Secretary to the Guntur SSA about 7 months prior to 02- 08 - 2015. He is very dedicated, loyal and determined to the NFTE union. It is great loss to the Guntur SSA union.The circle union AP Circle pays deepest condolence on demises of beloved leader. He remain in the minds of all comrades for ever. His sole may rest in peace.

Grace marks of TTA examination
5 % of Grace marks are requested for TTA examination
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CCM items
CCM items submitted to the management
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Draft of JTO RRs
Draft of JTO RR . In view of BSNL board approved JTO RR modifications
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20-09-2015 Officiating JTOs regularisation

JTOs R/R has been approved by the BSNL board on 18-9-2015. Minimum qualifying service reduced to from 7 yrs to 5 yrs. Officiating JTOs will be regularised as one time measure. NFTE is sincerely pursuing this case since a long time. On 17-9-2015 Com. Islam met CMD and requested to approve the JTOs R/R by de linking the HR plan.. NFTE is committed for the officiating JTOs regularisation, as we ensured them for their regularisation in the last elections, we fulfilled assurance. The NFTE AP circle congratulates all the officiating JTO candidates. _ CS,NFTE,AP

New members Joined in NFTE
68 new members joined in NFTE on 5-9-2015 at Srikakulam SSA under the leader ship D.V.Rao, who has worked as District Secretary of BSNLEU for a longer period. He is a dedicated, dynamic and determined leader. A larger number of members having good confidence and faith on him. He is having good mass following. This is an en mass transfer of members to NFTE, This is history in Srikakulam SSA. The merger meeting took place on 5-9-2015 at SRIKAKULAM. Com.Ch.Chandrasekharaao .CS,NFTE, Com.K.Anjaiah, AGS, NFTE, Com.K.Kondala Rao,DS,NFTE-Visakhapatnam, Com. G.Bhaskara Rao.DS.NFTE,Viziangaram attended the merger meeting. Com. P.Narasimha Naidu and his team organised the merger meeting in a appreciatable grand manner.

1.Com.Narasimha Naidu DS,addressing merger mtg on 5-9-2015

2.CS,NFTE inviting Com.D.V.Rao wearing badge & NFTE-union kanduva who joined in our union with 68 members from BSNLEU via BTEU on 5-9-2015

3.Com.D.V.Rao , Ex DS,BSNLEU Joined in NFTE with his team of 68 members. He addressding ocasion of meeting & purpose

4.Com.Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao,CS,NFTEaddressing the merger meeting on 5-9-15

5.Com.Com.K.Anjaiah, AGS,NFTE addressing the merger meetingon 5-9-2015

6.Expression of audience in merger meeting -Srikakulam

7 .Leaders on the dias in merger meeting at Srikakulam.

8. View of audience at merger meeting at Srikakulam on 5-9-2015

BSNL Board meeting
There will be a BSNL board meeting on 18-9-2015.Officiating JTOs issue is in the agenda. Unions are requesting to de link this issue from the HR plan. DOT members are opposing this issue for the last two meetings. Let us hope that this will be approved . Many officiating JTOs are waiting for regularisation.

Dharna at ELURU
Dharana successfully conducted at Eluru SSA head quaretrs all JAC unions participated on 16-9-2015 in protest of formation separate tower company

Dharna conducted successfully at Sangareddy

Dharna at Visakahapatnam
Dharana conducted colour fully and successful on 16-9-2015 at Visakhapatnam under JAC banner a good No. of members have participated from all unions

Cheerful Greetings to Vinayaka Chaturthi all members. This Festival may bring happiness and brightness to all homes of our beloved members - Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, CS,NFTE,AP

Dharna progamme conducted on 16-09-2015 at circle office ,HD AP circle in protest for approval formation of Separate Tower company. JAC leaders including Com.Chandarsekahra Rao, Chairman Fourm and CS,NFTE,demanded for dropping of proposal. In all most all the SSAs conducted Dharna and demonstration against the Govt. decision

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Vijayawada SSA Day Long Dharna on 16-09-2015

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Make Dharna a grand success on 16-09-2015 from Karimnagar SSA. AP
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C S garu Dharna’ programme on 16-09-2015 at Khammam. T.Durga Rao D/S NFTE_BSNL.

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TTA Results-2015 announced today i.e. 15-09-2015
455 candidates qualified against 738 candidates appeared for the exam took place on 07-06-2015 at Hyderabad. Answer key is also enclosed for ready reference. The Circle Union NFTE-BSNL AP circle Congratulates all the success candidates-CS-NFTE,AP
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Massive Dharna on 16-09-2015

ది.16-09-2015న టవర్ కంపెని అనుమతి కి వ్యతిరేకముగాఅన్ని SSA హెడ్ క్వార్టర్స్ నందు మాస్ ధర్నా మరియు డిమాన్ స్త్రేషన్స్నిర్వహించవలయును. అందరు డి ఎస్ లు అన్ని యూనియన్స్ తో కలసి 100% జయప్రదము చేయవలసినది గ కోరడమైనది. - సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి

15-09-2015 CCM items

New agenda items for ensuing CCM meeting dated 23-9-2015
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D.A. approximately increases wef 5.6 %

14-09-2015 News from CMD

BSNL loss due to high rate of depreciation not for operational loss
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GPF CONVEVRSION : GPF అడ్వాన్సు నుండి GPF కన్వర్సన్ సదుపాయము ప్రస్తుతము ఎంప్లాయిస్ ESS ఫొర్టల్ నందు లేదు. కావున ఎంప్లాయిస్ ERP లో GPF కన్వర్సన్ అప్లై చేయుట కుదరదు. ఎంప్లాయిస్ GPF కవర్సన్ కొరకు వైట్ పేపరు పై సంబదిత AOకు ఇవ్వ వలయును. AO R3 నందు చేయుదురు. కొంత కాలము తరువాత ఈ సౌకర్యము ESS ఫొర్టల్ నందు కల్పించ బడును.

12-09-2015 HRA upgradation
classification of cities on the basis of 2011 census. In our AP circle only Nellore town is eligible for this. This city will be paid 20% HRA

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12-09-2015 CMD message on business development

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12-09-2015 Aadhanr Numbers
Aadhar card Numbers should pasted in the service book

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11-09-2015 Special Recruitment drive
Special recruitment drive for SC,ST & OBC in the cadre of TTA -DR

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11-09-2015 PLI Bonus
PLI bonus should be paid to the non executive on adhoc basis to avoid labour unrest

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04-09-2015 New Tower company

Formation of Tower Company as per Cabinet decision of 5th August, 2015:- The following is the operative portion of the cabinet decision. “In-principle” approval to the proposal for hiving off the telecom tower infrastructure of BSNL into a separate subsidiary company which will be fully owned by BSNL. Consequent to approval, Department of Telecommunications, will constitute an interministerial Group consisting of representatives of DPE, DoPPW, and DEA for working out the capital structure and organizational structure of the new company after market valuation of its tower assets holding for consideration of the Union Cabinet”.

04-09-2015 CHQ Telephone Nos

CHQ-NFTE,ND office has been shifted. The New Telephoe Nos of CHQ Union here under :
1) 011 23316656, 2) 011- 23315677, 3) 011- 23353245
Fax - 23351877,
New Address :-
చందేస్వర సింగ్, జనరల్ సెక్రటరీ,
ఎన్. ఎఫ్. టి, ఇ - సిఎచ్ క్యు,
ఎం ఎస్ - 21 మరియు 17
అతుల్ గోవ్ రోడ్ ,
న్యూ ఢిల్లీ - 110001
Com.Chandeswara Singh
General Secretary,
MS-2 Quarter 21 and 17
Atul Gove Road, New Delhi-110001.

04-09-2015 Massive Dharna

There will be massive Dharna on 16-9-2015 against the formation of the subsidiary tower company, this is nothing but kill BSNL. All District Secretaries are requested to mobalise maximum No of employees to participate with co ordination of all unions - CS,AP

04-09-2015 Aadhar cards submission

All employees are suggested to submit aadhar cards xerox copies to the HR sections of the SSAs by quoting their HR Numbers.

04-09-2015 Income tax date extended for returns

The last date for return submission has been extended. All employees may make it note and utilise the opportunity
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04-09-2015 Organisation of strike on September'2 in AP cirlcle

Red salute and revolutionary greetings to all participants of the September'2 strike, especially all the District Secretaries and office bearers who worked hard for success this strike. It is reported that 15 crore people had participated in the strike. In our BSNL 60% working class participated as per the official figures. but actual participation is 80% by taking into total staff executives also calculated as per guidelines. in the circle 24 executive also participated. It is protest of working class towards the Govt. for its anti working class activities. Hope Govt will take remedial measures other wise indefinite strike from 03-11-2015
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04-09-2015 Strike information in 2nd Sept 2015 at Vijayawada SSA in A.P. Circle

Dear Com.,
Strike information in 2nd Sept 2015 at Vijayawada SSA in A.P. Circle
Out of 1365; 1085 on strike; on Leave 72; Working 128 and 79% on Strike are participation in 2nd Sep 2015 in Vijayawada SSA at A.P. Cilcle.
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04-09-2015 Bsnl strike at gudur branch

Ap circle wise president : yesdhani basha TTA (9441149786).

01-09-2015 Bonus meeting
Bonus meeting took place on 31-8-2015. Management told that it should based on performance management system, staff side not agreed for this it should be productive linked. For evolving formula it will take more time. There fore staff side proposed adhoc bonus for this year. Hope that some bonus will be paid in this year. The circle union appreciate the efforts of both recognised unions
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01-09-2015 Reservation policy in BSNL
Review of reservation policy in BSNL and maintaining Roster
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30-08-2015 September 2 strike
బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. లో అనివార్యమైన సెప్టెంబర్ 2 సమ్మె
మోడీ ప్రభుత్వము పై భారత దేశములోని అన్ని ట్రేడ్ యూనియన్స్ సమ్మె శంఖారావం పూరించి బిగించిన పిడికేలతో సెప్టెంబర్ 2న కార్యరంగములోనికి దూకనున్నవి. అందుకు కారణం British కాలం నాటి కార్మిక చట్టాలైన ఇండియన్ ట్రేడ్ యూనియన్ యాక్ట్ 1926, ఐ డి యాక్ట్ 1947, లేబర్ యాక్ట్ 1946, బోనస్ యాక్ట్ 1971 మొదలగు వాటిని కూకటివేళ్ళతో తీసివేయాలనుకొవటమే. ఒక మాటలో చెప్పాలంటే భారతదేశ మ్యాప్ నుండి Trade యూనియన్ పదాలను, కార్మిక హక్కులు అనేవాటిని శాశ్వతముగా కనుమరుగు చేయాలని దుర్మార్గపు ఆలోచనతో ప్రభుత్వం ముందుకు వెళ్ళుచున్నది. ఇది అత్యంత ప్రమాదకరమైన పరిణామము. తాను అనుకున్నట్లు ప్రభుత్వ ఆస్తులనూ, పి ఎస్ యూ లనూ సంపన్న కార్పోరేట్ వర్గాలకు అప్ప చెప్పాలంటే ముందు ట్రేడ్ యూనియన్ లను కనుమరుగు చేయాలి అనే తలంపుతో ప్రభుత్వం ఉన్నది. ఇది ప్రజా స్వామ్యమునకు గొడ్డలి పెట్టువంటిది. ఇందులో భాగమే బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. ను ముక్క ముక్కలగ విడగోట్టాలను కోవడం కావున పోరాటము అనివార్యము అయినది. కావున జిల్లా కార్యదర్శిలందరూ మిగతా యూనియన్స్ కూడ కల్పుకొని సమ్మె 100% జయప్రదము అగునట్లు చూడవలెను. - సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి

31-08-2015 present status on strike - strike continue

Central trade union leaders on Wednesday refused to withdraw their nationwide strike call for September 2 to protest against proposed labour reforms, after their meeting with a group of ministers (GoM) failed to make any headway.
The GoM, headed by finance minister Arun Jaitley, will meet the union leaders again on Thursday to break the logjam and deliberate on their demands, senior labour ministry officials told HT.
The 12-point charter of demands include urgent measures for containing price rise through universalisation of the public distribution system (PDS), ban on speculative trade in the commodity market, strict enforcement of basic labour laws without any exemption or exception, and stringent punitive measures for violation of labour laws, among others.
“There are 7-8 demands, which are agreeable and the discussion is an ongoing process….the government is positive about the demands (of labour unions). The meeting will continue tomorrow,” labour minister Bandaru Dattatreya said after the two-hour long meeting.
Trade unions, however, refused to budge. “We have refused to withdraw our September 2 nationwide strike. The government has called us again tomorrow for another round of meeting,” Gurudas Dasgupta, general secretary, All India Trade Union Congress, told HT.
Present status on strike - strike continue
During Wednesday’s meeting, the government defended its position and said that labour reforms are needed for the country, sources said. Union leaders, however, said the government did not offer any concrete assurance on their charter of demands.
“The call for the strike stands as of now because there is no concrete assurance from the government in today’s meeting,” said AK Padmanabhan, president, Centre of Indian Trade Unions, who attended the meeting.
“We agreed to come tomorrow for the meeting because we don’t want to leave the table, otherwise they will blame us for not discussing the issues. There is no agreement on any issue so far,” he added.

సెమినార్- విజయవాడ
బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. పునర్ నిర్మాణం -మేనేజ్ మెంట్ మరియు ఉద్యోగుల భాద్యత
అనే అంశము పై ది. 24-08-2015 న మధ్యానం 3.00 లకు, బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. భవన్ ఆడిటోరియం, విజయవాడ నందు సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ అద్యక్షులు కా. పి.ఆంజనేయులు గారి అద్యక్షతన జరిగినినది. ముఖ్య అతిగా కాII R.Pattabhiraman, CS,Tamilandu & National Council member,ND and Sri V.Sundar, ITS., Sr.GMTD,Vijayawada హాజరైనారు.ముఖ్య వక్తలుగా కాII సిహెచ్. చంద్రశేఖర్ రావు, సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి, Com.T.V.Ramana Murthy,V.P, CHQ-NFTE,ND మరియు సర్కిల్ ఫ్యాట్రన్ , సీనియర్ నాయకులు కాII మల్లిశెట్టి. జనార్ధన రావు గార్లు హాజరు కాగ విజయవాడ , జిల్లా లోని ఇతర యూనియన్స్ కు సంబందించిన BSNLEU,AIBSLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA,FNTO,SEWA జిల్లా కార్యదర్శిలు పాల్గొని సందేశములు ఇచ్చి సేమినరుకు వన్నె తెచ్చారు. ముఖ్య ముగా వక్తలు అందరు సెప్టెంబర్ 2 వ తేదిన జరగబోవు అన్నిరంగముల దేశవ్యాప్త సమ్మె దాని యొక్క historical ఆవశ్యకతను వివరించెను. ప్రధానముగా మోడి గవర్నమేంట్ తలపెట్టిన Trade యునియన్ చట్టసవరణ. తత్పలితముగా భారతదేశములో Trade యునియన్ ల ఉనికికే ప్రమాదము ఏర్పడ నున్నాయి అని తెలియజేయుట తో బాటు Trade యునియన్ ల హక్కులను రక్షుంచుకొన వలసిన గురుతర భాద్యతలను వివరించెను. దీనితోబాటు బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. లో చోటుచేసుకుంటున్న broadband out sourcing మరియు ప్రత్యేక టవర్ కంపెనీ ల ఏర్పాటు, తదనంతరము ఆ కంపెనీ ని ఊహత్మక భాగస్వాములకు అప్పచెప్పేయాలనే ప్రభుత్వము యెక్క దుర్మార్గపు ఆలోచనను కలిచికట్టుగా ఎదుర్కోనవలచి అవసరం ఎంతైనా ఉన్నది. కావున అందరు సెప్టెంబర్ '2 సమ్మెలో పాల్గొనవలసినదిగా ఈ సెమినార్ ద్వార అప్పీల్ ఇచ్చుట జరిగినది. తరువాత సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ కోరికమేరకు అతి తక్కువ సమయం లో శ్రమ కోర్చి ఈ సెమినార్ నిర్వయించిన విజయవాడ SSA union కు సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ ధన్యవాదములు తెలియజేసినది. కాII. జే వి రావు,ADS వందన సమర్పణతో సెమినార్ ముగిసినది Photos Click Here

సెమినార్- ఖమ్మం
బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. పునర్ నిర్మాణం -మేనేజ్ మెంట్ మరియు ఉద్యోగుల భాద్యత
అనే అంశము పై ది. 27-08-2015 న మధ్యానం 3.00 లకు E10B టేలిఫోన్ ఎక్షేంజి,ఖమ్మం నందు సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ అద్యక్షులు కా. పి.ఆంజనేయులు గారి అద్యక్షతన జరిగినినది. ముఖ్య అతిదిగా కాII ఎ. రాజమౌళి, CHQ-Financial Secretary, ND హాజరైనారు.ముఖ్య వక్తలుగా కాII సిహెచ్. చంద్రశేఖర్ రావు, సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి మరియు సర్కిల్ ఫ్యాట్రన్ , సీనియర్ నాయకులు కాII మల్లిశెట్టి. జనార్ధన రావు గార్లు హాజరు కాగ ఖమ్మం , జిల్లా లోని ఇతర యూనియన్స్ కు సంబందించిన BSNLEU,AIBSLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA,FNTO, జిల్లా కార్యదర్శిలు పాల్గొని సందేశములు ఇచ్చి సేమినరుకు వన్నె తెచ్చారు. ఖమ్మం జిల్లా కు సంబందించిన AITUC నాయకులు పాల్గొని ప్రసంగించారు. ముఖ్య ముగా వక్తలు అందరు సెప్టెంబర్ 2 వ తేదిన జరగబోవు అన్నిరంగముల దేశవ్యాప్త సమ్మె దాని యొక్క historical ఆవశ్యకతను వివరించెను. ప్రధానముగా మోడి గవర్నమేంట్ తలపెట్టిన Trade యునియన్ చట్టసవరణ. తత్పలితముగా భారతదేశములో Trade యునియన్ ల ఉనికికే ప్రమాదము ఏర్పడ నున్నాయి అని తెలియజేయుట తో బాటు Trade యునియన్ ల హక్కులను రక్షుంచుకొన వలసిన గురుతర భాద్యతలను వివరించెను. దీనితోబాటు బి.ఎస్.ఎన్. ఎల్. లో చోటుచేసుకుంటున్న broadband out sourcing మరియు ప్రత్యేక టవర్ కంపెనీ ల ఏర్పాటు, తదనంతరము ఆ కంపెనీ ని ఊహత్మక భాగస్వాములకు అప్పచెప్పేయాలనే ప్రభుత్వము యెక్క దుర్మార్గపు ఆలోచనను కలిచికట్టుగా ఎదుర్కోనవలచి అవసరం ఎంతైనా ఉన్నది. కావున అందరు సెప్టెంబర్ '2 సమ్మెలో పాల్గొనవలసినదిగా ఈ సెమినార్ ద్వార అప్పీల్ ఇచ్చుట జరిగినది. తరువాత సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ కోరికమేరకు అతి తక్కువ సమయం లో శ్రమ కోర్చి ఈ సెమినార్ నిర్వయించిన ఖమ్మం SSA union కు సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ ధన్యవాదములు తెలియజేసినది. Photos Click Here

30-08-2015 SEWA Recogninition

SEWA - BSNL recognised by the corporate office, New Delhi vide its No.65-3/2015-SCT/2015, dated 27-8-2015 for a period of six months up to 31-3-2016 headed by Sri P.N.P.erumal and Sri N.D.Ram as president and General secretary. NFTE-BSNL,AP circle congratulates the leaders and wish that it become a strong and build up unity. Click Here


Raksha Bandhan -The circle union NFTE -BSNL, AP wishes to all brothers and their sisters to celebrate happy raksha Bandhan Diwas . This festival may bring love and growth of effect ion in every family.


One Lack Sims will be disbursed to the SSAs on 27/08/2015, another 15 lack Sims will come very soon. SSA Secretaries may take tangent action on this - CS, NFTE, AP

22-08-2015 Special casual leave sanctioned for seminar
Special casual leave sanctioned to the Circle council members, LCM members,welfare committee members,works committee members, District secretaries , Branch Secretaries and delegates to the participants of seminar at Vijayawada on 24-8-2015 and Khammam on 27-8-2015
Subject for seminar :
All the District Secretaries are requested to attend the two seminars along with their teams and make it success.
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Seminar on September 2 strike
Circle union is organising seminar on 24-08-2015 at 2.30 PM at GMTD office compound, BSNL Bhavan, Chuttugunta, Vijayawada
and Telephone exchange compound, Khammam on 27-08-2015 at 2.30 PM on the following subject
to motivate the working class towards the
1) September 2nd strike
2) Against the Outsourcing of Broad band maintenance net work and
3) Tower company separation from BSNL
1. Com. R.Pattabhiraman, Circle Secretary - Tamilnadu & National council Member will attend at Vijayawada & deliver the valuable speech
2.. Com.A.Rajamouli, Financial Secretary,CHQ,New Delhi will attend at Khamma & deliver the valuable speech.
Hence all District Secretaries are requested to attend the seminars at above two places along with their SSA office bearers, LCM, working committee, welfare committee members and make the seminar success.
= Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao
Circle Secretary

19-08-2015 Corporate office issued instructions to the circles to post requirement with in 5 days

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19-08-2015 Clarifications on Stenos/ PAs

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19-08-2015 PLI meeting

Meeting on PLI with management and the unions will take place on 31-08-2015. Members will have much hope on this because there is no bonus for last few years. From our union Com. Islam ahmad , All India president is the member of PLI committee.

18-08-2015 Srike pamplet
Strike on September '2 -Telugu pamphlet
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17-08-2015 Items for 32 National council meeting
Items for ensuing 32 National council meeting. Among them two are belonging to the AP circle. 1) No. 9 -CUG 200 sim difficulties making MDF numbers to be free of service to the TMs for testing purpose. 2) No. 14 Leave encashment at the time retirement
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17-08-2015 Circle Secretaries meeting
Resolutions passed in the circle secretaries meeting held at New Delhi on 10th and 11th of August '2015 our circle Secretary Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao has participated in this meeting
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17-08-2015 Strike on 2-9-2015
Strike on 02-09-2015 against the attack of Modi Govt on trade unions.He wants modify the 1947 trade union/ID acts/factories, etc acts to waive the from the map of India. This is very harmful and dangerous signal. So along with the all sectors of the trade unions the BSNL trade unions also served notice for one day strike on 02-29-2015. It is our prime responsibility to protect our rights/trade unions.
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There will be proposal for change of designation of office associate very soon - CS, NFTE


Conduct demonststion on 12/08/2015 against the tower compact formation - all SSA secretaries may act immediately - CS NFTE,AP

8-08-2015 Modifications in new designations
AP circle union proposed the modifications in the new designation of office associate.The replacement of designation proposed to be made in the circle secretaries meeting at New Delhi on 10th & 11th of this month
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8-08-2015 Tower company
It is reported that on 5th August the cabinet has approved the proposal of BSNL/DOT to form subsidiary tower company.It is with evil intention and motive. The issue was vehemently opposed in the meetings of National council and the staff side urged the management for consultation. The management kept mum. There fore, we have no option except to lodge strong protest making it clear that such approach is dangerous and against the industrial culture.Circle Secretaries will meet on 10th and 11th August'2015 and decide the course of action
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06-08-2015 clarification on counting of deputation period on transfers
Please find here with attached a clarification issued by the circle office, HD for counting of deputation period on transfers
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06-08-2015 agenda items for development meeting
Agenda items for ensuing development meeting with the circle management headed by the CGMT and the recognised unions on 06-08-2015 at circle office
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01-08-2015 Immunity transfers
Immunity transfer facility should be extended to the newly elected office bearers in vacant eligible three posts. Vacant due various reasons
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31-07-2015 Circle secretaries meeting at ND
There will be circle secretaries meeting at New Delhi on 10th and 11th of August '2015. Our Circle Secretary will attend the meeting. SSA secretaries are requested to intimate the items to be taken up in the circle Secretaries meeting.
Opinion/Suggestions of the members on New Designations of non executives will be intimated
Policy and programme to be adopted to be intimated.

= Circle Secretary

31-07-2015 Development meeting at circle level
Circle Level Development meeting will be held with the CGMT- HD with the recognised unions of executive and non executive on 6-8-2015. The vertical head of the circle office and HD will also participate.
In this direction all SSA secretaries are requested to to intimate the problems in the field like availability of the material, CSEs fuctioning , marketing, sims, effects of free calling timings/ roaming etc. by 03-8-2015 to the circle union. There fore consolidated discussions will be held in the said meeting.

28-07-2015 New Designations

New Designations approved after long time our all India president com. Islam Ahmed taken much interest in fulfilling the commitment of the union

the following are new Designations

1) Regular Mazdoor - Telecom Assistant

2) Telecom Mechanic - Telecom Technician

3) T. T.A - Junior Engineer

4) Sr.TOAs ( NE 7 to NE 10) - Office Associate

5) Sr.TOAs ( NE 11 & 12 ) - Office Superintendent

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26-07-2015 Repatriation of ITS officers
DOT in his order dated 24-7-2015 repatriated 100 Nos of ITS officers to the DOT.This is in accordance with the High court,ND verdict dated 17-4-2015 India central cabinet decision dated 13-2-2013. These officers are continuing in BSNL without exercising their option in BSNL for last 15 years. BSNL is paying about Rs.1.6 lacks to each officer per month. Departure of these officers BSNL will save 1.6 crores per month
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23-07-2015 compassionate appointments
completion high power committee meetings by 31-7-2015
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22-07-2015 TTA examination matter
టి. టి. ఎ రిజల్స్ : టి. టి. ఎ పరిక్షల రిజల్స్ సెప్టెంబర్ '2015 రెండవ వారములో గాని వచ్చే అవకాసము లేదు. ఎందుకనగా ఆన్సర్స్ కీ లో 14 తప్పులు ఉన్నట్లు మన యూనియనే సర్కిల్ మేనేజ్ మెంటు దృష్టికి తీసుకొని వెళ్ళుట జరిగినది . మొత్తం 30 తప్పులు ఉన్నట్లు రిప్రజేంటేషన్స్ వచ్చినవి. దీనిపై ఒక కమిటీ వేయుట జరిగినది .ఒక మీటింగు కూడజరిగినది. మొత్తం ప్రోసేసు పూర్తి అగుటకు రెండు మాసములు పట్టును . కావున అభ్యర్దులు మరియు జిల్లా కార్యదర్శిలు గమనించ వలయును . ఎలాంటి అపోహ లకు లొనుకవద్దు. - సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి

20-07-2015 Anakapalli meeting
అనకాపల్లి బ్రాంచి సర్వ సభ్య సమావేశపు బహిరంగ సభ ది. 13-07-2015 సాయంత్రం గం. 4.00 లకు ఎ. ఫి. టి. ఎఫ్. ఉపాధ్య భవనము, అనకాపల్లి నందు జరిగినది. జిల్లా కార్యదర్శి కాII. కొండలరావు మరియు ముఖ్య అతిదిగా రాష్ట్ర కార్యదర్శి కాII సి హెచ్. చంద్రశేఖర రావు పాల్గొన్నారు. దాదాపు 100 సభ్య ల పైబడి సమావేశము నాకు హాజరైనారు. సుదూర ప్రాంతముల నుండి మన సభులుతో పాటు ఇతర యూనియన్ ల స్భులుకూడ ఈసమవెశమునకు హాజరుకావడం విశేషం. బ్రాంచ్ కార్యదర్శి కాII రమేష్ వార్షిక రిపోర్ట్ తదనంతరం జిల్లా కార్యదర్శి కాII. కొండలరావు సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి గారి సమక్షము లో జనరల్ మేనేజర్ గారితో 25 డిమాండ్స్ పై జరిగిన చర్చల వివరములను వివరించెను. జిల్లా అద్యక్షులు కాII నరసింహమూర్తి గారితో పాటు SDE మరియు JTOs పాల్గొని ప్రసంగించెను. అనంతరముసర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి కాII సి హెచ్. చంద్రశేఖర రావు గారు దాదాపు రెండు గంటలపాటు సుదీర్గమైన ఉపన్యాసము అనేక విషయముల చేసెను. కాలాతీతము అయినప్పటకి కార్యదర్శి గారి ఉపన్యాసము ను సభ్యులు లు చాల ఆశక్తి వినుట జరిగెను. సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి గారి సమక్షము లో 10 మంది ఇతర యూనియన్ ల సభ్యులు మన యూనియన్ లో చేరెను. సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి గారు వారిని స్టే జిమీద కు పిలిచి పూలదండలు వేసి మన యూనియన్ లోకి ఆహ్వానుంచెను. నూతన సభ్యులు అందరు ఆనందమును వ్యక్త పరచెను. సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి గారు వారిని అభినందించుట పాటునూతన సభ్యులు తమ ఉంచిన అచంచలమైన విశ్వాసము , నమ్మకము సడలనివ్వకుండా కార్మికుల శ్రేయస్సే పరమవాదిగ ముందుకు సగ గలదు అని తెలియపర్చెను.
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20-07-2015 New membership - July '2015
454 new member ship application forms were submitted by our NFTE-BSNL SSA secretaries in both AP and Telangana states of AP circle ( 259 + 195) . The circle union whole heartedly congratulates and appreciate the good efforts made by the SSA secretaries.

17-07-2015 Advanced increment to TTAs
one advanced increment to the directly recruited TTAs to compensate the pay arose caused in second wage revision wef 01-01-2007
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17-07-2015 Designation committee meeting
Designation committee meeting will take place on 28-7-25015 at 11.00 AM
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17-07-2015 Amulya - new pre paid plan
Amulya - New mobile prepaid plan launched by the AP circle on 11-7-2015
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17-07-2015 Telephone connections crosses 100 crores
Telephone connections in India crosses 100 crores .BSNL third place with 18.5 billion connections
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17-07-2015 Postponemnt of management examination
Management trainee examination scheduled on 8/8/2015 and 9/8/2015 for six months
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17-07-2015 D.A. orders issued
Increased D.A. orders issued by the Ministry of heavy industries.Govt. of India
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16-07-2015 New Director (HR)
Ms. S.T. Ray, presently working as Executive Director (Finance), appointed as Director (HR) BSNL for a period of five years

16-07-2015 Members enrolment
SSA secretaries are requested to intimate to the circle union that No. of membership applications submitted as on 15-7-2015 - CS,NFTE

01-07-2015 DA increased
D.A. increased at the rate of 2.1% wef 01-07-2015, Total DA as on date is 102.6%

01-07-2015 Concessions to the handicapped officials
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01-07-2015 Pay slips to emails
Corporate office issued instructions to send pay slips of the employees to their emails.If emails are not having the same will be sent to the supervisory officer/controlling officers/centralised email wef June '2015
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01-07-2015 Forum decisions
Forum took place on 26-6-2015 at New Delhi. The decisions
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30-06-2015 TTA key answers modifications

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30-06-2015 TTA Stipend arrears
All TTAs are aware that rate of stipend had been revised( increased) wef. 01-01-2007, orders in this regard were issued on 07-4-2014.Consequently all inducted trained TTAs are entitled of Stipend @ rate of Rs.13,600 plus 70% of IDA. Where as in some places facing problems in paying arrears.Hence we have taken up the issue with the corporate office. The corporate office has issued again separate orders on arears. All TTAa are advised to get payment of arrears by producing this orders. - CS-NFTE

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Supply of Soaps Towels

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23-06-2015 Medical Committee
Corporate office constitute a medical committee to examine and review the medical policy. Both recognised unions will take part in this

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21-06-2015 Sad News
Com. N.U.M. Chandraekhar, ADS, NFTE-BSNL,WG.SSA,Eluru has suddenly expired to day ie in the early hours of 17-6-2015 in his house with heart attach. He rendered his best services to the NFTE ,WG.SSA in the capacity of BS,ADS, executive member of different committees.It is great loss to WG SSA. He is good dram actor. He performed so many cultural programmes in different occasions. His soul may reach in peace. The NFTE-BSNL, AP circle pays deepest condolence on sad demises of the comrade. - CS,AP

21-06-2015 Free Roaming
CMD BSNL announces Free Roaming for a year:- BSNL is launching free roaming for a year from today (i.e. 15-06-2015) BSNL mobile customers across the country receive incoming calls at no cost and BSNL mobile customers need not carry multiple SIMs and handsets during roaming. They are free to talk as long as they want without worrying about any charges during incoming calls.

21-06-2015 Development meeting
డెవలప్ మెంట్ కు సంబదించి సర్కిల్ లెవెల్ లో త్వరలో మీటింగు జరుగును. కావున జిల్లాలలో జరగ వలసిన డెవలప్ మెంట్ పనులు, మార్కెటింగ్ కార్యకలపములు, సమస్యలు మొదలగు విషయముల పై వివరములు జిల్లా కార్యదర్శలు సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ కు తెలపవలసినడిగా కోరడమైనది .- సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి

15-06-2015 TTA Examination Matter
టి.టి.ఎ -డిపార్ట్ మెంటల్ 50% కోటా పరీక్షలు ది.7-6-2015న హైదరాబాద్ లో నిర్వహించుట జరిగినది. దానికి సంబదించిన ఆన్సర్ కీ ని ఎపి. union వెబ్ సైటు లోనూ మరియు ఎపి.intranet లోను ది. 10-6-2015న పెట్టుటజరిగినది. పరీక్షలు వ్రాసిన వారు తమవద్ద గల ఆన్సర్ కీ తో సరి సూసుకొని, ఏమైనా తప్పులు ఉన్నట్లయితే తగిన ఆధారాలతో సర్కిల్ యూనియన్ కు ది. 20 -6-2015 లోపు తెలియ పరచినట్లయితే తగిన చర్య తీసుకొనబను. ఈ విషయములో డి.యస్.లు తగిన విదముగా గైడ్ చేయవలయును - సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి

CMD wrote a letter to the All CGMs regarding popularisation of Land lines in view of free calling time and free Roaming

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13-06-2015 Spectrum trading
The new spectrum trading recommendations of TRAI has been approved by the Telecom commission and sent to the cabinet for approval on 11-6-2015. According to this one operator can buy spectrum from other operators who is having more spectrum with him.

13-06-2015 BSNL connections
BSNL holds first position in the Broadband segment:- Total broadband connection in the country are 1.55 crore and BSNL shares 64.2% from it. The total connections of BSNL are 99 lacs. This is our proud and we request all our circle and District Secretaries to try our best to maintain the position as well as all efforts should be made to increase our market share in the broadband segment which is possible only when we will increase our landline telephones, taking the advantage of free calls from 9 PM to 7 AM on landline phones. In wireless segment total connections in the country are 97.3 crore BSNL connection are 7.8 crore. Thus the BSNL share comes 8% only. Including all segment total Telephone connections in the country are 100 crore in which BSNL connections are 9.4 crore thus BSNL share comes as 9.4% only.

We Salute Com. M.B. Vichare (Ex General Secretary) on his death day (i.e. 12-06-2008). We always remember him for his self less contribution to organization. He render his tremendous service to the NFTE.

11-06-2015 Issuing of passport to the employees of Govt/PSUs/Autonomous bodies -modified policie

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11-06-2015 Nationalisation of tariff prepaid vouchers modified by the corporate office according the changes in the market

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10-06-2015 TTA examination key
TTA examination key is attached here with candidates are advised to verify and intimate to the circle union if any mistakes are detected

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06-06-2015 Utilisation free call on land line
Full utilization of free calls on landline telephones between 9PM to 7AM

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06-06-2015 Classification of cities
Government approves proposal for Reclassification/Upgrading of certain Cities /Towns on the basis of Census-2011

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02-06-2015 Grance marks to LICE SC/ST officials
The reply given by the corporate office to our union regarding grace marks issue of SC/ST officials for which our union has taken up the issue with the corporate office

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29-05-2015 TTA Examination information

The circle union NFTE-BSNL made its good efforts through CHQ,union for allowing the (61) direct degree candidates to 50% Quota TTA examination to be held on 7-6-2015. But not succeeded due to rigid stand of the GM (EST) of corporate office,ND in this regard. However further efforts will also be made with the next higher level
Some officials approached the CAT of HD and got permitted provisionally to write examination. It is reported that some more officials are also in the same line.

29-05-2015 TTA -ITI candidates admit cards
In accordance with the corporate office orders dated 20-05-2015 10+ ITI candidates are eligible for appearing TTA examinations. Accordingly admit cards were issued.

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TTA examination Eligibility

Date ; 23-5-2015
The General Secretary
Dear Comrade,

Please find here with enclosed the notifications of Dr.Ambedkar university which is wholly owned by the Govt. of India. This university will issue notification for every year for conduct of entrance test, to Degree examinations. The notification says that ;

1. Passed intermediate examination
2. To Qualify Entrance test examination

The entrance test is equal to intermediate. There by open university degree qualified candidates are deemed condition that they qualified intermediate. Even IAS and IPS examinations and other competitive examinations also allowing these candidates treating them as intermediate qualified candidates. There fore it is requested to be kind enough to take up issue at an appropriate level of corporate office and see these candidates be allowed to the TTA examination, all were prepared by all means and ready to write the examination, more over these candidates were allowed previous examinations.

The circle union-AP circle earnestly requests and urges dthe CHQ union to do needful in this regard

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely
Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao
Circle Secretary,NFTE-AP

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23-05-2015 TTA Examination matter

Corporate office ,New Delhi issued instructions dated 18-5-2015 to AP circle to allow to appear for TTA examination only 10 + 2 candidates. Direct degree/post graduate degree candidates are not allowed. In this connection circle union is making its good efforts to get them allow to appear the examination through CHQ union ,ND. Matter will be communicated through union websites and other means from to time. All DSs are requested be touch with the circle union - CS,NFTE,AP

23-05-2015 Hospital bills
Hospital bills settlement -keep good empanelled hospitals in BSNL

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23-05-2015 Home town LTC
clarification on Home town LTC

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23-05-2015 Transfer policy
Transfer policy implementation - instructions of CO-ND

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23-05-2015 Civil & Electrical fwings
Civil and Electrical wings fund requirements

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23-05-2015 Works committees
Corporate office orders constitution of works committees at SSA levels

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21-05-2015 TTA exam eligible conditions
Corporate office,New Delhi dated 20-5-2015 intimated some other eligible conditions for appearing 50% Deptl TTA examination to be held on 7-6-2015

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20-05-2015 TTA examination new eligibility
Corporate office, New Delhi vide its order No. 250-3/2015- Estt-III (part-II) Dated 18-05-2015 clarified to the CGMT -HD that the candidates having Degree and postgraduate Degree without 10 +2 qualification are not eligible for appearing 50% quotaTTA examination

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20-05-2015 CHQ news -National council meeting

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20-05-2015 32nd National council meeting Gist
32nd National council meeting took place on 14 - 5-2015 Gist of the meeting

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Death message of Com.Bhagavanthu ex circle Secretary,Teletraffic,Ap circle

Com.Bhagavanthu,Ex circle Secretary, Teletraffic has expired to day on 15-05-2015 with in health problems. He worked as circle Secretary to the Telegraphs wing more than 20 years.He rendered his best service to the NFTE Telegraph people. All Telegraph staff well known him. But he faced so many up and downs in his life even though his children were well settled. Howe ever NFTE-BSNL lost great leader. All our leaders have good attachments with him. Let us pray that his soul may reach in peace. On behalf of NFTE, AP circle union com.Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, CS, Com.Muthu, District Secretary,HTD, Com.Narendar, DT.President, HTD, Com. Damodhar and HTD leaders went to his residence and honoured with garlands. On behalf of HTD NFTE union DS, Dt. President and other SSA leaders. honoured him with NFTE flag spread on his body.

TTA examination hall permits have been issued through AP intranet, All SSA's AGM(Admn)/SDE (HR/Admn) will deliver the same to the candidates.If any one.s hall permit is missed , this should be brought to the notice of Circle union for immediate necessary action

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12-05-2015 TTA Examination-Vijayawada centre
Our CHQ union has taken stringent action and allotted Vijayawada centre by the corporate office New Delhi. But the CGMT -HD taken a stand that the examination will be conducted in a single examination centre ie in HD at circle head quarters. The circle union NFTE- BSNL is making its good efforts to conduct the examination in two centres in two states at equal priority basis. - CS,NFTE.AP

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Free calls applicable to the all FTTH customers

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New orders on immunity transfers - the restrictions on immunity transfers dated 13-3-2015 of corporate office orders limited to one time only have been lifted

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08-05-2015 TTA Examination centre at Vijayawada
Dear Comrades,
     Corporate office,ND has accorded approval for second centre at Vijyawada as a special case on the special request of our CHQ union. The circle union NFTE heartfelt thanks to the CHQ union.The circle union will make its good efforts to hold examination at Vijayawada in addition to Hyderabad - CS,NFTE

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Forum of BSNL Unions/associations discussions with DOT Secry

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please find here with attachment of discussions with DOT secretary and National JAC Leaders took place on 01-05-2015. This may please be circulated to all branches of your SSA - CS,NFTE,AP

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అన్ని జిల్లాలలోను మేడే జరప వలసినదిగా కొరడమైనది. -- CS.NFTE

TTAs Examination పై వివరణ

ది. 07-06-2015 న జరగభోవు టి.టి.ఎ. పరీక్షలపై చాల సందేహములు ఇప్పటకి ఉన్నవి. వీటిపై ఈక్రింది వివరణను గమనించ గలరు.

1.ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వ G.O.No.15dated 27-12-2012 ను అనుసరించి- G.O.No. 170 datd.04-09-2010 ప్రకారము ఇంటర్మీడియట్ స్థాయి ఓపెన్ స్కూల్ పద్దతిని Distance learning mode ద్వారా ప్రవేశ పెట్టుట జరిగినది. ఈ పద్దతి ద్వారా అనగా సింగల్ సిట్టింగ్ లేక రెండు సంత్సరముల పరీక్ష ల ద్వార్ పాసైన వారు ఇంటర్మీడియట్ తో సమానము.
2. ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వ G.O.No.435 dated 29-06-2002 ను అనుసరించి నేషనల్ ఓపెన్ స్కూల్ పద్దతి ద్వారాపాసైన వారు ఇంటర్మీడియట్ తో సమానము .
3.Distance Education system ద్వారా Degree పాసైన వారు కూడ TTA పరీక్ష వ్రాయుటకు అర్హులు.
4. ఎలాంటి క్వాలిఫికేషన్స్ లేకుండ ఓపెన్ యూనివర్సిటీ ద్వారా దైరేక్టగా డిగ్రీ పరీక్ష పాసైన వారికి ప్రోవిజి నల్ గ టి. టి. ఏ పరిక్షలు వ్రాయుటకు అనుమతించబదును. అయితే అంతిమముగ యునివర్సిటీలు ఇచ్చు సమాధానముపై ఆధారబడి యుండును . ఈ విషయము పరిక్షలు వ్రాయు సంబంధిత అభ్యర్దులు గమనుంచ వలయును.
ఈ విషయములలో ఎ లాంటి రూమర్లు నమ్మ వద్దు అని అభ్యర్దులకు మనవి . - సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి


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Forum of BSNL unions and associations requested Hon'ble minister of communications and IT to grant a meeting on reviaval of BSNL
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National council meeting
The National council meeting scheduled on 28-4-2015 is postponed to 14-5-2015

27-04-2015 Meeting with DOT secretary re scheduled to 1st May 2015 -
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Revival demands of BSNL:- Reportedly, the Honble Minister of Communication yesterday held meeting with the MPs on revival of BSNL in the light of demands raised by Forum of unions. The Minister, it is learnt, has agreed to consider the demands pioneered by the Forum.

National Council meeting scheduled for 28th April is postponed and the new date will be intimated.
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Death Mesge - Com. A.Prabhakar, TM -Medak District expired on 23-04-2015 with an accident. He is an active comrade in Medak SSA, Just up to half an hour before his acccaident he participated in our strike tent. The circle Union NFTE-BSNL pays deepest condolence to the bereaved family of the official.

Meeting with the Secretary, DOT scheduled for 27-04-2015 has been rescheduled for 1st May, 2015.

Talks between DOT Secretary and National JAC will on 27-4-2015 at 17.00 hours

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Spl pgrogramme

There will be special focus programme on strike issue by on 23-4-2015 between 7 PM to 8 PM on TV 99 by Com.Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, Circle Secretary and Com.P. Anjaneyulu circle president etc. All are requested to watch an observe. - CS

Com. K.Narasimham, State president of AITUC, Telangana State visited our gathering at BSNL Bhavan and addressed the situation also supported our strike and demands. He also ensured that BSNL strike issues will be included in the ensuing All India trade unions meeting scheduled at on 26-5-2015 - photos

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Sangareddy JAC from of BSNL participated in strike 2 nd day sucessfull 100% Medak District at Sangareddy.

Photos Click Here

Strike grand success in AP 98% and All India level 96%. The circle union NFTE whole heartedly conveys its gratefulness and red salute to our comrades and also special and sincere appreciation to All the District Secretaries for their dedicated efforts for success in organising in a peaceful manner. . Further communication will be intimated later. CS,AP

Dear Comrades,
1) The meeting to discuss strike issues with Secretary DOT is re scheduled to 27th April ' 2015 at 5.00 PM - CS ,NFTE,AP
2) Watch TV-99 at 8.00 PM and N -TV at 10.00 PM in news bulletins to day please.

High lights of CMD meeting with the National JAC on 17-4-2015

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All comrades actively participated & orgnised the strike and made success. In our AP circle reported 98% participation and In India 95%. The circle union AP conveys revolutionary greetings and Red salute to the all comrades - CS,AP

Press Note regarding First day strike and meeting at BSNL Bhavan, Vijayawada

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Strike will continue and talks will take place with DOT secretary on 25-4-2015- CS, NFTE


Dear comrades,
Please make all good efforts for success of 100% participation in the strike in all the SSA. Do not give any scope for any type of deviations. - CS,NFTE

CMD meeting with JAC details demand wise replies
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JAC pamphlet regarding strike on 21 & 22 of April, 2015. All DSs should give wide publicity among members and see that strike will be 100% sucess -CS,NFTE.
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A colorful convention SAVE- BSNL Chittoor SSA DT --16-4-15 atTirupati

Under the forum of BSNL Unions and Associations of Chittoor SSA Grand convention organised in Tirupati to make cent percent success of April two days strike from 21st and 22nd .The meeting chaired by com C T Subramanyam Dist President NFTE com K Anjaiah AGS NFTE & com A Ashok babu AVP BSNLEU com Ramachandraiah AITUC secretary and Dist secretaries of all unions participated and addressed.In addition the leaders from LIC -OBC middle class employees participated and extended the solidarity to our patriotic STRIKE. Com Ashokbabu narrated the strike demands and Com Anjaiah explained the anti PSU policies of NDA Govt and need the strike success.

CMD message on customer care
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NFTE Senior Leader and active member of KareemNagar SSA com.VV Ramanareddy SSS expired suddenly due to heart arrack on 16-04-2015.He is the native of Prakasam SSA.His funerals shall takes place on 17-04-2015 at his native place. Circle union and SSA union pays the heartfelt condolance to the breaved family members.

జాతీయ కార్యవర్గ సమావేశాలు - జయపూర్ (రాజస్థాన్ సర్కిల్)

జాతీయ కార్యవర్గ సమావేశాలు - జయపూర్ ( రాజస్థాన్ సర్కిల్ ) లో ది.09-04-2015 మరుయు 10-04-2015 తేదిలలో శాస్త్రీ నగర్ జనుపయోగి భవన్ నందు అల్ ఇండియా యూనియన్ అద్యక్షులు కా. ఇస్లాం అహ్మద్ గారి అద్యక్షతన జరిగినినవి. జాతీయ మరియు యూనియన్ ఝండాలు అల్ ఇండియా అద్యక్ష మరియు కార్యదర్శులు ఆవిష్కరణతో ప్రారంబం మైనవి. ఆల్ ఇండియా అద్యక్షులతో పాటు ఆల్ ఇండియా ఉపద్యక్షులను కూడ స్టేజి పైకి ఆహ్వానించుట జరిగినది. మన సర్కిల్ నుండి కా. టి.వి రమణ మూర్తి గారు స్టేజి పై ఆసేనులైనరు .దాదాపు 200కు పైబడి ఆఫీసు బేరర్స్ పర్మినెంట్ ఆహ్వానితులు మరియు డెలిగేట్స్ హాజరై సమావేశాలకు శోభ చేకూర్చారు. మన సర్కిల్ నుండిసర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి తో బాటు ఎ జి ఎస్ కా. అంజయ్య గారు ట్రెజర కా. ఎస్. సుబ్బారావు,& ఎం. వి. రెడ్డి ,విజయవాడ, కా. సి టి సుబ్రహ్మమణ్యమ్,తిరుపతి , ఆంజనేయులు నెల్లూరు హాజరై నారు. మొదట సర్కి కార్యదర్శులుల్అందరిని నుదుట తిలకం దిద్ది పూలమాల వేసి గౌర వించారు. తదనంతరం జనరల్ శక్రటరి కా. చందేస్వరసింగ్ జబల్ పూర్ అల్ ఇండియా కాన్ఫరెన్స్ నుండి నేటి వరకు జరిగిన సంఘటనలను, ఆందో ళను, పార్లమెంట్ మార్చ్ న్ఫ్తే NFTE పాత్ర మొదలగు విషయాలను వివిరించెను. అనంతరం సబ్జక్ట్స్ Session లో మొట్టమొదట మన కా. చంద్రశేఖర రావు ప్రసంగించెను. ఆయన ప్రసంగములో 1) TTAs age cut of date change 2) JCM Scheme modifications 3) immnity transfers modifications 4) Officiating JTOs regualarisation by finalisation HR plans 5) Stenoes to PAs Rs.98500 scale 6) RMs staganation 7) Hudud cyclone advance 8) proposed strike -need of indifinite strike 9) Base level - Top level leaders attlitude ల పై CHQ తీసుకోవలసిన చర్యలను తెలియజేచెను. మొదటిరోజు మద్యానము ఓపెన్ హౌస్ సెషన్ జరిగెను. రాజస్తాన్ సి. జి. ఎం. ముఖ్య అతిధి గ పల్గోనేను. రెండవ రోజు మద్యానము ఎ పి సర్కిల్ ఎ జి ఎస్ కా. కె . అంజయ్య గారు కార్యవర్గ సమావేశాలు 3 రోజులు జరపాలని, జర్నల్స్ ఇంగ్లిష్ మరియు హిందీలో వుండాలని,CHQ లో వర్క్ distribution జరగాలని, పచ్చిమ బెంగాల్ లో జరిగిన సస్పేన్స్ ను రివ్యు చెయ్యాలని ప్రసంగించెను. ఏప్రిల్ '21, 22 తేదిలలో జరగబోవు సమ్మె పై ఈ సమావేశములు దిశా నుర్దేశము చేసెను. 2016 లో జరగబోవు ఎన్నికల లో NFTE నిర్వహించు భూమిక పై లోతుగా అద్యనము చేసెను అని చెప్పక తప్పదు.

1)Flag hoisting view at Jaipur

2) Preceedum at Dias,NEC,Jaiur com. T.V.ramana Murthy, CHQ vice president, Com.A.Rajamouli,ChQ- treasurer etc.

3) GS- NFTE presenting report to the NEC

4) Audience

5) C.S-NFTE AP speeking on the dias

6) Com.K.Anjaiah, AGS, speeking on the dias

7) AP comrades with all India leaders

Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R.Ambedkar's 125th Jayanthi to day ie 14-4-2015. The people of India and staff of BSNL will remember his scarifies towards the bottom level poor section of the people . He is the architect of the constitution of the India .His life is example for all sections of the people in India.The NFTE-AP circle pays respectful Homage to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar -- Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, Circle Secretary,NFTE,AP

District level convention meeting in Khammam. T.DURGAR RAO D/S NFTE-KHM

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Minutes of 16th CCM

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Unilateral posting TM’s LDCE Quota :- Reg.
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JAC resolutions passed in the convention by the all the circle secretaries. All DSs are requested to forward the circular to the all branches with a to the circle JAC - CS
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TTA examination allotment of second center in Andhra Region
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Modifications in the proposed TTA examination to be held on 07-06-2015 in r/o age – requested
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The circle level convention of AP circle “SAVE BSNL – SAVE NATION” has held at Hyderabad on 01-04-2015 at 2.30 PM under the chairmanship of Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao. Chairman, circle JAC & circle secretary of NFTE, AP circle at Asmanamahal auditorium, khairatabad, HD. All unions in the JAC executives and non executives ie AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA, NFTE, BSNLEU, FNTO, BTEU &SNATTA are actively participated in the convention. Comrades all almost from all SSA about 600 members participated. In addition to our members special invitees from central trade unions of AITUC.CITU.BMS, INTUC have participated in the convention delivered their message to the working class and extended their support to the coming National wide strike. In the opening remarks of president Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao stated that the BSNL is working with service motto and the private operator's intention is profit orientation.After entering BSNL into cell services call rates were come down from Rs/20/- to 0.20 paise. If the BSNL is not existing the private operators will loot the general public by rounding together a syndicate. Speakers from all unions spoken about struggle is inevitable to protect BSNL, thread barely criticize the Govt's attitude for come out from its written agreement and non implementation of the Central cabinat's decisions like refund of spectrum Charges of Rs.6724 crores reimbursement of rural investment 10,000 to 12,000 crores, allotment of 4G to the BSNL as free of cost. Etc., for achieving all these demands the convention called upon the members to participate in the coming National wide strike on April 21 & 22 AND make it 100% success. The convention passed the resolutions for protection of BSNL and participation in the strike. All the circle Secretaries Supported the resolutions. The Convention concluded withd the vote of thanks proposed by the Com.V.Muthu, DS. NFTE, HTD, HD.


5-04-2015 Zone I Transfer Policy meeting held at HTD NFTE union office, BSNL Bhavan, Hyderabad on 04-04-2015

Zone I Transfer policy meeting has conducted by the circle union as a policy for the nine SSAs– Adilabad,Hyderabad, Nizamabad, kareemnagar, Medak. Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, warangal and circle office attended as invitee under the chairmanship com.P.Anjaneyulu, president of the circle union on 04-04-2015 at HTD NFTE union office,BSNL Bhavan, Hyderabad. The intention of this meeting is to enlighten the full details of the transfer policies of corporate office and circle offices with a view make the all the transfers of Deployment, request, tenure and immunity in a transparent way. CS said that Friendly atmosphere and interactions among the SSAs will improve because of this type of meetings. In this occasion the circle union released and issued compilation of transfer policy and promotion policy books prepared by the circle union to all the SSA secretaries for guidance and effective implementation of the policy there by more benefit to the members. The circle secretary, president etc told that it is a land mark of the union. The SSA secretaries expressed their happiness and gratefulness to the circle union for its good efforts. The circle union also supplied gist of transfer policy in three pages in Telugu leaflets in local language for good under standing. In Second session the circle secretary clarified and replied to the doubts and problems raised by the SSA Secretaries. The similar meetings were conducted earlier in the Andhra and Rayhalaseema areas. With this transfer policy meetings were covered by all SSAs. At last the president com.P.Anjaneyiulu thanked one and all for success of the meetings. He especially thanked to the DS,HD com. V.K.Muthu for arranged meeting in his office.


5-04-2015 CS tour to Jayapur

Circle Secretary will be out of station from 07-04-2015 to 13-04-2015. He will be on tour to Jaipur ,Rajastan circle to attend National Executive committee meeting. All the District Secretaries may note this and act accordingly.

They are also requested to send the proposals of resolutions by email to be proposed from the AP circle in N.E.C . - CS, AP

1-04-2015 D.A. increased 0.2% = Total 100.5% as on date ie 1- 04- 2015

విజయనగరం జిల్లా కార్యవర్గ సమావేశము

విజయనగరం జిల్లా కార్యవర్గ సమావేశము ది. 28-03-2015 ఉదయం గం. 10.00 లకు జిల్లా యూనియన్ ఆఫీసు నందు కాం.యం.సీతారం గారి ఆద్యక్షనతన జరిగినది.కాం.సి.ఎ హెచ్. చంద్రశేఖర రావు, ఆంద్రప్రదేశ్సర్కిల్ సర్కిల్కార్యదర్శిముఖ్యఅతిదిగాపాల్గొన్నారు.సర్కిల్ఉపాధ్యక్షులుకాం.ఆర్.కే.ఎన్.రాజు,విజయనగరం,కాం.వాసుదేవరావు, శ్రీకాకుళం, కాం.పి.నరసింహనాయుడు,జిల్లా కార్యదర్శి శ్రీకాకుళం జిల్లా, మరియు విజయనగరం జిల్లా ఉపాధ్యక్షులు కాం. ఆర్. సన్యాసి శెట్టి గారు హాజరై సమావేశానికి శోభ చేకూర్చరు. జిల్లా కార్యదర్శి కాం. జి .భాస్కర రావు, జిల్లా లోగల పరిస్థితులను, జిల్లా యూనియన్ పనితీరును జిల్లాలో రాభోవు బదిలీలు మొదలగు విషయములను సవివరముగా తెలియజేసెను. సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శికాం. సి.ఎ హెచ్. చంద్రశేఖర రావు ఆలిండియా లో బి.ఎస్.ఎన్.ఎల్ పరిస్థితి,బి.ఎస్.ఎన్.ఎల్ పట్ల ప్రభుత్వ వైకరి, కార్మికుల మరియు ట్రేడ్ యూనియన్ ల భాద్యతలు ,బి.ఎస్.ఎన్.ఎల్ లోని కార్మికుల సమస్యలు మొదలగు విషయముల పై వివరముగా తేలి యజేసెను.అంతేగాకుండ ఏప్రిల్ -21 మరియు 22 తేదీలలో జరుగు సమ్మెలో పాల్గొన వలసిన అవసరాన్ని తెలియజేస్తూ బి.ఎస్.ఎన్.ఎల్ ను రక్షించే కార్యక్రమములో ప్రతి కార్మికుడి ఒక సిపాయి లాగ పనిచేయాలి అని కోరి సమ్మెను 100% విజయవంతము చేయవలయును అని కోరెను మరియు ది. 1-4-2015న హైదరాబాద్ లో జరుగు రాష్ట్ర కన్వెన్షన్ లో పల్గోనవలయును అని కోరెను. తదుపరి సభ్యులు అడిగిన ప్రశ్నలకు సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి వివరముగా సమాధానము చెప్పెను. అందులకుసభ్యులు పూర్తిగ సంతృప్తి మరియు సంతోషమును వ్యక్త పరిచేను.జిల్లా కార్యవర్గము తరుపున జిల్లా అద్యక్షులు కాం. సీతారం గారు సర్కిల్ కార్యదర్శి ని దుశ్సాలువతో సత్కరించెను.

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Revision of pension/family pension of pre-2007 retirees BSNL IDA pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 01-01-2007 and post 2007 BSNL IDA pensioners/family pensioners, how retired between 01-01-2007 and 09-06-2013

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27-03-2015 Zone - I transfer policy meeting will be held at Hyderabad on 04-04-2015
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శ్రీరామ నవమి శుభాకంక్షలు తెలియజేస్తూ చి.హ్. చంద్రశేఖర రావు. - CS NFTE AP

WG.SSA Executive committee meeting

WG.SSA Executive committee meeting of the SSA has took place on 23-03-2015 at 10.00 hrs, in Eluru at Vengi Telephone Bhavan under the president ship Com.P. Gangaiah, Retd. TM and president of District Union NFTE-BSNL. The Dist. Secretary Com.K.Venkateswara Rao explained in detail about the situation in the SSA. And also policy and progamme of transfers etc in the SSA. He also remembered the members about 2009 transfers achievements. Hence the SSA union has its own milestones in achievements according to the mind set of the members. Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao Circle Secretary attended the DWC as chief guest and narrated the all India issues in detail about the recent parliament march, up coming strike on 21,22 of April'2015 refund of BWA charges, MTNL-BSNL merger, Tower company, BBNL, allotment of 4G to BSNL, Govt attitude GIEO Reliance 4G, NGN. He also replied the question of the members. He also requested to participate all members to participate in strike. He requested all members to gear up the image of the WG. NFTE -BSNL union.

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నేషనల్ జే.ఏ.సి,న్యూడిల్లి ఇచ్చిన పిలుపును అనుసరించి ఆంద్రప్రదేశ్ సర్కిల్ జే.ఏ.సి.ది. 01-04-2015న మద్యానం గం. 2.00 లకు హైదరాబాద్ లోని ఆస్మాన్ మహల్ ఆడిటోరియం, ఖైరతాబాద్, పి & టి క్వార్టర్స్ నందు SAVE BSNL- SAVE NATION అను అంశము పై కన్వెన్షన్ నిర్వహించాలి అని నిర్ణ ఇంచుట జరిగినది. దీని ముఖ్య ఉద్ద్యేశ్యము ఏప్రిల్ 21,22 తేదిల లో జరగబోవు సమ్మె కు అందరిని కార్యోన్ముకులను చేయుట. దీనిలో అన్ని యూనియన్స్ కు సంబధించిన(executive&non executive) కేంద్ర యూనియన్ నాయకులూ,కేంద్ర రాజకీయ ట్రేడ్ యూనియన్స్ అయిన AITUC,CITU, BMS,INTUC సంబధించిన నాయకులు పాల్గొని ప్రసంగించెదరు. కావున జిల్లా శక్రటరీలు అందరు కనీసం జిల్లాకు నల్గురు చొప్పున పాల్గొని జయప్రదం చేయ ప్రార్దన. ఈ సెమినారు జిల్లాలోని కార్యకర్తలందరిని మోటివేట్ చేయుట కు ఉపయోగ పడును. కనుక డి.యస్.లందరు తప్పనిసరిగా శ్రద్ద వహించి పల్గోనవలసినిదిగా మనవి. - CS,NFTE -AP

అందరికీ మన్మద నామ సంవత్సర (ఉగాది) శుభాకాంక్షలు... చి.హ్. చంద్రశేఖర రావు. -CS NFTE AP

Holiday declared on 14th April,2015 on the occasion of Dr.B.R.Abedkar Jayanthi - - CS, NFTE,AP

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MRS without vouchers- Corporate office, ND sought information from the circles with a view to consideration of demand of NFTE for payment of MRS w/o vouchers
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Modification in immunity transfer orders issued by the corporate office, ND dated 13-3-2015. issue taken up by the CHQ union
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Agenda items for ensuing National council meeting scheduled on 13th April'20
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Immunity transfer facility extended to three years from one year. orders issued by the CO;ND to day. This is transfer season and is very useful to our comrades organisation. Make use of this order
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Strike Notice served to the CMD-BSNL & DOT Secretary for two days on 21-3-2015 & 22-03-2015 by the National JAC, ND on 20 demands to savae BSNLK
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Minister Shri Ravisankar Prasad announced in the Rajya sabha on 12-3-2015 no close down of MTNL even it is in the list of among the 65 PSUs to be closed
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Transfer policy classes to the Zone -II SSAs will be held at Kurnool on 25-- 03- 2015, SSAs concerned are requested to attend
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Com. Allauddian TM Adilabad and Ex. DS expired on 10-03-2015 due to cancer decease. He fight a long time with the bad decease. He is a committed and dynamic leader. His cremation will take place on 11-03-2015 in his native village ardaveedu Prakasam Dist. Circle union and Dist. Union of Adilabad pay the heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and wish peace to soul.

There will be National Executive committee meeting on 9 - 4 - 2015 & 10 - 4 -2015 at Jayapur city in Rajastan circle. Even though it was has been restricted to the All India Union office bearers and Circle secretaries, the interested District Secretaries and circle union office bearers if any may contact to the circle union for further details arrangements,and information - Notice of N.E

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ITS officers issue

Contempt proceedings against DOT for retention of its officers. Honble judge highcourt declined to hear due previous involvement in the matter. Listed now for 23rd March.

Women's day celebrations from 8th to 13th of this month in view of National Women's day on 8-3-2015

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Record of various discussions on Bonus. Next meeting on Bonus is scheduled on 12-03-2015

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Correction in Gate demonstrations

Gate demonstrtions on 12-03-2015 instead of 11-03-2015 - CS, AP

march17 indefinate strike Postponed and April 21,22 two days Strike Decided
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Parliament March on 25-2-2015

Parliament March on 25-02-2015 grand success. A bount 8 thousand employees from all nook and corners of the country the have participated actively. About 3 KMs possession has took place in grand manner. Parliament streets were covered with red colored flags and march of BSNL employees. Prepossession started from Corporate to Jantarmantar at 11.00 hrs. This was attracted by the people of New Delhi.From our AP circle 100 plus comrades were participated, From our union Circle president and circle Secretary and other 30 comrades were participated. prosession reached Jantarmantar at 12.30PM and meeting took place up to 3.30PM . 8 MPs from different parties were came to our meeting spot spoken and supported the programme and ensured to raise the issues in the parliament. Programme of parliament march was grand success. This became a new history of trade union movement. perhaps this may help to achieve our demands. How ever The circle Union NFTE-AP circle red salutes to all comrades who made their best efforts to make it success.


Strike postponed

The proposed strike scheduled from 17th March,2015 is postponed to 21st & 22nd of April' 2015 and gate demonstrations on 11th of March'2015 as decision taken by National JAC due to financial year ending and other financial implications. Signature campaign will continue to get more signatures from the public. All SSA secretaries may note the change of agitation programme and wide publicity may be given among members through branches - CS,AP

26-02-2015 5th Annual Dist conference of NFTE Ongole

Was held on dt 24-2-2015 at Singarakonda -Addanki under presidentship of com Y Prakasarao TTA more than 150 deligates from all branches attended. Com K. Anjaiah AGS C0m mallikarjunaRao ACS and Com. BhaskaraRao acting DS Guntur attended and addressed in the meeting com Anjaiah Secretary CHQ explained the need of indefinate Strike from march 17 and participation in hundread percent. It is a call for future of Industry and its employees so it is duty of every employee to make the strike a success and gave a warning to the Govt. Com BaskaraRao Ds also told about the anti Bsnl of the Govt. The unanimously take a decission to make the strike a success. In the gegining the report submitted by the Dist Secretar com V. Ramalingam was accepted by the house. The meeting was organised by the Addanki and Marturu branches owened by com. Para koteswararao and com J ch Yellamanda. The house unanimously elected the office bearers com J. Ch.Yellamanda TM as president Com. V. Ramalingam as Dist. Secretary and Com. B. SrinivasaRao SSO AS Treasurer. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by para koteswararao STSO Senior leader.


Parliament march made successful aibout 5000 comrades all all over the India I actively participayed. From our union CS, Circle president & some other 30 comrades participated, March started at 11.00 hrs. from the C.O.ND & ended at Jantarantar. A big meeting took place all GSs of JAC explained need march & also political trade unions & MPs supported. Memorandum submitted to hte PM by the GS of JAC - CS, NFTE, AP

Issues relolved in Salary module in ERP - Letter No : CIT/8-10/2013/ERP/Vol.I
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Revival and HR plan of BSNL-reg
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Circle Secretary tour to New Delhi

The Circle Secretary along with the circle president attending to the parliamentary March on 25-02-2015. There fore CS will not be in head quarters from 23-2-2015 to 27-2-2015. The SSA secretaries will note this and act accordingly. -- CS

Transfer policy meeting

Meeting on Transfer policy, the SSAs of Zone - III were conducted at Vijayawada on 15- 02- 205 under the president ship com. P.Anjaneyaulu, circle president. The SSAs and their LCM members were participated. All were supplied two books : 1) Compilation of transfer policy as on 31-1-2015 and 2) compilation orders as on 31-1-2015 on NEPP . In addition this transfer policy was supplied in Telugu for through under standing and best and effective utilization by the SSA secretaries. The Circle Secretary explained in details in every point and approach to be done by the SSA Secretaries in forth coming transfers. All participant & SSA secretaries expressed their happiness in supplying books and guidance in a innovative manner.


Parliament March on 25-2-2015

The union members who are participating in parliament march along the SSA secretaries may contact circle secretary and Com. A.Rajamouli for further details - CS,NFTE, AP

Posting of staff to unpopular/needy and unmanned rural places - reg.
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Memorandum submitted to Honorable Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy Member of parliament Khammam constituency Khammam District, AP by T.Durga Rao BSNL Forum President(D/S NFTE-BSNL), Forum Secretary G.Sambasiva Rao (D/S BSNLEU) and Forum Members for raising the question in parliament on behalf of 2.5 Lacks employees for survival of BSNL in the interest of the Nation


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Recommendatins of Management Committee of BSNL Board on Consultant's recommendation on Revival & HR Plan of BSNL
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Meeting of Forum held on 11th February 2015
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Guidelines for consolidation of bank accounts on migration to ERP in the circle
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Consolidation of SSAs into Business Areas
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memorandum submitted to Hon'ble MP reg
On behalf of Sangareddy BSNL JAC submitted memorandum to Honourable MP Mr. BB Patil ..


Memorandum to MP

Memorandum submitted to Hon,ble V .VARAPRASADA RAO Member of parliament (L S) Tirupathi constituency chittoor District,AP by C T Subramanyam Dist President NFTE-BSNL& RJC Member and Siddaramaiah LC Member NFTE for raising the question in parliament on behalf of 2.5 Lacks employees for survival of BSNL in the interest of the Nation.

DEC meeting at Nizamabad

District Executive committee meeting has held at Nizamabad under the president ship of Com.Venkata Gowd, Dt. President of the SSA union. The Dt.Secretary com.Sk. Mahabub submitted a brief report about the activities of the SSA union. Com.Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao Circle Secretary, AP circle and Com.A.Rajamouli, Financial Secretary of CHQ attended the DWC. All members epressed their happiness that the circle Secretary has attended the DEC after a long gap.they also expressed their happiness about working of circle union.The circle Secretary explained about the all issues pertaining to circle and All India in detail. The also expressed their sincere thanks to the circle secretary for publication ERP in diary with point to point in Telugu keeping in view of RM/TM cadres.They also appreciated the circle union that wonderful multicoloured calender has released . Com. Rajamouli also explained in detail about BSNL present status and its role, Govt.attitude which leads to indefinite strike from 17th March.2015 on wards.He appeal to all members to participate effectively.The meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks by the DS.


A memorandum submitted to Com.Seetharam Echuri, CPM Polite beurea member at Vijayawada during the 24th State conference of CPM by the BSNL SSA JAC leaders and and also headed by Com.T.V.Ramana Murthy, and Com.P.Asokabnabu, CHQ vice presidents of NFTE & BSNLEU for protection of BSNL in the interest of Nation and 2.5 lakh employees. He ensured that the issue will be raised in the parliament.


DEC meeting of Kareemnagar SSA took place at Huzurabad on 6-2-2015 at 10.00 AM. in grand manner.The DWC has started with union flag hoisting. At meeting National flag hoisted Com. Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao, circle Secretary and Union flag by Com.A.Rajamouli, Financial Secretary of CHQ.. Circle President Com.P.Anjaneyulu and Circle org.Secretary Com. Phani kumar attended the DWC..The meeting has chaired by the Com.Venkateswara Rao Dt.president. All DWC members, Circle Secretary, and Com. Rajamouli appreciated the efforts made by the Com. Sreerama reddy, District Secretary, especially member ship has rapidly increased.as we are + 32 in the SSA..The circle Secretary explained about circle and all India issues in detail and also need of participation in up coming strike from 17th March,02015. Com.A. Rajamouli Financial Secretary in detail explain about BSNL present status and measures to be taken unitedly by the unions/Associations.The house thanked the Huzurabad, Jammikulnta, Husunabsd for their wonderful arrangements - CS,NFTE,AP


Posting of staff to unpopular/needy and unmanned rural places
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16th CCM meeting will be held on 19-02-2015 and staff side meeting will be on 18-02-2015 all members are requested attend the meeting . for Notice
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Notification for transfer policy classes in AP circle under zone wise
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Memorandum submitted to the Hon'ble Shri P.Muthun Reddy, M.P, Rajampeta,Chittor Dt. by the circle union NFTE-BSNL,AP circle to safeguard and protect BSNL in the interest of the Nation and 2.5 lack BSNL employees to raise the voice in the house of the parliament on behalf of the BSNL company and also requested to pursue the matter with the minister of communications. We also request to all SSA secretaries to approach the local MPs and make similar request to raise the voice in the house of parliament. - CS,NFTE,AP
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The SSA Secretaries - NFTE
AP Circle

Dear Comrades,

            Please find here with enclosed the following in connections with the signature campaign

1.Circular in connection with the PM memorandum signature campaign

2.Forum letter addressed to the other wings of trade unions seeking help

3.Memorandum to the PM Of India in Telugu

4.Circular about BSNL - for protection

            All District Secretaries are requested to speed the the signatures campaign and complete the target by 10-2-2015 and intimate the circle union for further guidance.

- Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao
Circle Secretary

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Telesparks & New year NFTE calendars have been sent to District Secretaries by ANL courier Service on 07-01-2015 all District Secretaries are requested to take from the ANL parcel Service and distribute the same to the Branches. Pl. ensure the our calendars should be in every section of the GM/DE/SDE/SDOT/union offices. -- Circle Secretary, NFTE,AP

Sankranthi holiday has been changed
15-01-2015 - Closed Holiday
14-01- 2015 - Restricted Holiday
-- Circle Secretary, NFTE: AP
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Dharna information of Nizamabad SSAbr Click Here

CCM agenda submitted to the circle management by the staff side secretary
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Formulate bonus formula the committee on bonus will meet again on 27-01-2015 , perhaps it will finalise it
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we remember our greatest Leader Com.Omprakash Gupta on his 2nd death anniversary on 06-01-2015 - conduct meetings share his views dedicated to the working class. CS,NFTE

Reply received from the C.O.-ND regarding forum agitation, requesting to defer the agitation.
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New items of CCM, All CCM members are requested to go through the items thoroughly and acertain the connected rulings/materials connected before CCM meeting
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Forum of Executives and Non-executives unions/associations at circle level took place on 3-1-2015 at circle office and discussed about 100% implementation of Dharna programmes on 6,7, & 8th of January'2015. All SSA seretaries are requested to see that the decisions will be implemented at SSA level and programme should be successful in all means by co ordinating the others - CS.NFTE,AP
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Union subscription has been raised from Rs.15/- to Rs.25/- . orders issued by the corporate office,ND ie SSA : Rs.10/- Circle: Rs.9/- CHQ: Rs.6/-
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IDA increase 2.2 from 98.1 total 100.3 from 01-01-2015 -CS,NFTE

The circle union Wishing all members of NFTE and their families Happy and prosperity in the New year-2015 comes with glow of hopes in our mind. It gives us new confidence and courage for a fresh start.All the best for your all new ventures.
Hope our relationship with common members more stronger and empowered us for showing our best for betterment of our beloved Department and Union/Association in the new year - CS,NFTE,AP



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